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Tony’s latest for the holidays

BY JEROME A. HOCHBERG Tony Bouza’s latest book, “Expert Witness—Breaking the Policemen’s Blue Code of Silence,” should be required reading for all police officers in command positions. It should also be a required textbook for police training programs. For the layperson, this book is an eye-opener into the serious problem of the extent and nature of the misconduct of our […]

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Raina’s Wellness “Paleo and gluten-free, debunked”

BY RAINA GOLDSTEIN BUNNAG There are always new diets popping up that claim to cure health conditions and promote weight loss. Wading through hundreds of blogs and “expert” advice to find legitimate information is a great undertaking. I’m here to help provide some truth to the overwhelming world of eating well and being healthy. Gluten-free diet: Gluten-free has been one […]

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The Church Lady goes out to eat

BY ELAINE KLAASSEN We are social beings, we long to be with others, don’t we? I suddenly had the desire to mingle in gatherings of people, to talk to people randomly and for no particular reason. I think I got the idea to do this after my trip to California last July when old, dear friends bought me a first […]

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