Ed Felien

Columns by Ed Felien, the unrepentant Maoist

Ed has been the owner and editor of Southside Pride since 1991, writing articles and essays.

We need a new city attorney

BY ED FELIEN This is the interregnum—that period between regimes, when the new government begins to organize themselves and the old government packs up and leaves. The new City Council will be deciding who will be president, who will be majority leader and who will head up the various committees.…

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BY ED FELIEN Congratulations to Jacob Frey on winning the mayor’s race. He ran a marathon and made it look like a sprint. He’s charming and he has infectious energy. He promises to be the most accessible mayor, ever. He even published his cell phone number on campaign posters: 612-968-4443.…

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Southside Pride Sample Ballot

Mayor Ray Dehn City Council Ward 6: Mohamud Noor Ward 8: Andrea Jenkins Ward 9: Alondra Cano Ward 12: Andrew Johnson Park Board At-Large Meg Forney, Mike Derus, Charlie Casserly Park Board District 3 Charles Exner or Abdi Gurhan Mohamed Park Board District 5 Bill Shroyer

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Remembering Bruce Bacon, Dec. 28, 1940 – Sept. 30, 2017 

There are hundreds of tributes to Bruce Bacon on his Facebook page. Southside Pride offers the following memories. ED FELIEN wrote: Carol Hogard, my wife, says Bruce was one of the first farm-to-table organic farmers. Many of the area restaurants bought his basil, so we’ve all of us in South…

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Honey Badger don’t give a damn!

BY ED FELIEN Honey Badger don’t give a damn. ‘bout who you are or who I am. Honey Badger don’t give a damn.   Get out of his way.  He’s off the rails. He’s acting crazy.  He can’t be stopped. He’s gonna take it over the top.   Honey Badger…

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BY ED FELIEN Before the Open Meeting Law, politicians decided destinies in smoke-filled rooms. Of course, that was also before the laws against smoking indoors. After the election, I was invited by Louis DeMars to a meeting at the Leamington Hotel to organize city government: free food, free booze, lots…

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The future of Hiawatha Golf Course

BY ED FELIEN Hiawatha Golf Course got a stay of execution. The Park Board rescinded its motion to stop pumping at Hiawatha Golf Course in three years and moved the date up to five years. So, now, in five years, the Park Board will ask the Department of Natural Resources…

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BY ED FELIEN The spring of 1973 was critical. I had been fired from Experimental College. They didn’t actually fire me. Dean Werntz told the three coordinators who ran Experimental College that if they didn’t get rid of me and David Tilsen, the university administration was going to get rid…

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We like Ray Dehn for mayor

BY ED FELIEN We like Ray Dehn for mayor. We think he understands the problems we face in Minneapolis: “Centuries of over-policing and misconduct have created a fundamental distrust of police by people of color and indigenous communities (POCI)”; “Every person deserves to live in a safe, quality, affordable home.…

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Lock him up!

BY ED FELIEN Citizen’s Complaint against Trump Attention Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman: As you know, there were a record 144 opioid-related overdose deaths in 2016 in Hennepin County. I had the opportunity recently to report on a public meeting with Chief Arrandondo and Inspector Johnson of the 3rd Precinct.…

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