LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Proposed amendment would legalize marijuana in Minnesota

Things are happening in Minnesota as some lawmakers have introduced the first “legalization” bills, as you may have heard on the news.
Please right away call your state rep and state senator asking them to End Prohibition!  Tell them that public opinion wants Minnesota to follow Colorado, California, Oregon, and the other legal states.
The bill for a proposed amendment is numbered HF 926, sponsored by Reps. Applebaum, Metsa, Schultz, Considine, Kunesh-Podein, Sundin, Ecklund, Ray Dehn and Flanagan.   Along with it is a bill numbered HF 927, sponsored by Applebaum, Metsa, Sundin, Ecklund and Ray Dehn—this is the bill spelling out details such as “legal possession of one ounce” and the requirements for setting up cultivation and sales facilities.

Ollie Steinberg, St. Paul, MN

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