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Our Revolution MN (ORMN) DFL endorsed candidates at the March 4th DFL State Central Committee meeting. By working to get progressive candidates in office at all levels of government, ORMN seeks to create a progressive Minnesota that works for ALL people. These candidates are progressives that ORMN can be proud to support!
ORMN is a newly formed 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization. We are doing grassroots organizing at the state level as an offshoot of the national Our Revolution organization. States that are also organizing are Wisconsin, Washington, North Carolina and California, among others. Our mission is to continue the movement started during the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign.
Since our inception in November 2016, ORMN has made significant progress in organizing statewide. Groups are organizing around the state in Bemidji, Duluth, Freeborn County, Mankato, Marshall, Moorehead, Rochester, St. Cloud and Winona.
ORMN endorsement recommendations for Minneapolis City Council:
WARD 1: Jillia Pessenda
WARD 2: Cam Gordon
WARD 9: Alondra Cano
WARD 10: Lisa Bender
WARD 12: Andrew Johnson
Recommended to membership for joint approval (Approval allows us to organize for both candidates. We may endorse one candidate in the future.):
WARD 4: Phillipe Cunning-ham and Stephanie Gasca
WARD 11: Jeremy Schroeder and Erica Mauter
Our Revolution MN Endorsement Process
The ORMN endorsement process is finalized by a committee, evidenced by candidate questionnaires and interviews, and is democratically supported by a voter survey of over 8,000 statewide members. The Endorsement Committee seeks to develop and implement a strategy to recruit and encourage progressive candidates, develop a formal process for endorsing candidates and progressive policies and to implement an effective process for coordinating resources to support our endorsement.
ORMN process is democratically governed by real people that show up. Showing up has been the key to the success of the Bernie Sanders’ movement. To that effect, ORMN is no different.
Come to your April 4th precinct caucus where you can show your support for ORMN endorsed progressive candidates!
Interested in getting more involved? Sign up at www.ourrevolutionmn.org and learn about activism first hand. Jump in, and get active!
Free, Open to All
Data Practices Workshop: Learn How and Why to Request Public Data
Sunday, March 19, 2017
9-5 p.m.
Minneapolis Federation of Teachers and ESPs
67 8th Ave. NE, Mpls. 55413
Hosted by Our Revolution MN and Our Revolution MN TC
Event Coordinator: Ann Frisch at afrisch09@gmail.com, 651-964-5738.
RSVP: https://go.ourrevolution.com/page/event/detail/volunteeractivityormeeting/gplrkc
In Minnesota, almost all government data is public. The ability to obtain government data is one of the most important tools activists possess.
Getting data on police officer activity, statements by public officials, or data sets which might indicate questionable activity—all can be wielded to benefit your cause.
The goal of this training is to enable individual activists to be able to write request letters, and to build a team of activists who are able to work with issue-oriented groups (such as environment, police and justice) to get data on costs, emails, studies, orders and opinions of Minnesota government officials. Mentoring will be available after the training. Longtime public data activist Don Gemberling is the trainer.
Now is your chance to work alongside officials, candidates, and those working on Black Lives Matter, $15 wage campaign and other groups.
Put yourself in a position of power. Don’t let yourself go unprepared into your fight for justice! Knowledge + Action = Power!

Here’s the link to Sunshine Week, a 10-year-old organization that offers events and resources to help you gain access to all public information: http://sunshineweek.rcfp.org/

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