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Dear Editor, I am looking for an apology from the YWCA about their treatment of members and senior citizens. This is not about Ms. Frias getting an apology from Doris Overby, keeping in mind that Doris was the person harassed by the YWCA’s employees. I think the entire incident was…

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What’s happening at the Y

In a letter dated Aug. 3, 2018, Minneapolis YWCA management, without prior consultation with members, decreed that it would impose a pay-to-park system with gates to go into effect in September at the Midtown Y. Parking had always been free at Midtown, one of its attractions. Although the letter was…

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The Wall of Forgotten Natives

BY ED FELIEN That’s what they call it. The people living in tents along the sound-wall along Hiawatha from Franklin to 22nd Street call their village “The Wall of Forgotten Natives. FDR in a radio address in 1932 introduced his New Deal programs to help “the forgotten man at the…

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Roads—high and low

BY TONY BOUZA “They go low, we go high.” Thus, did that classy First Lady, Michelle Obama, abjure us to take the high road. Then we have Rep. Maxine Waters tempting us to the low road. All those lunch counter sit-ins ignored. What did it all mean? Think of the…

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Fall Parade of Homes

BY ED FELIEN It’s time for the Fall Parade of Homes. Until Sept. 30, you can tour 427 new homes Thursdays-Sundays from 12 to 6 p.m. It’s free except for four Dream Homes where you’ll be asked to pay a $5 admission at the door. Proceeds from the Dream Homes…

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FINDING MY WAY: Living alone

BY ASHLEY FRAY Weight Gain: One of the worst parts of major depression is the sedentary isolation. The anti-psychotic medications also cause an unending appetite. I have been yo-yo dieting for eight years. Right now, my goal weight is nowhere in sight. The weight increases lethargy. Not only am I…

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