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Twin Cities Book Festival, MN State Fairgrounds, Saturdau. Oct 13, 2018, 10-5, Free!

Unintended consequences

BY TONY BOUZA I came late to the Law of Unintended Consequences, usually believing—naively, as it turned out—that the results of our actions were what folks usually intended. Gradually I came to recognize that the corruptions and abuses of Netanyahu actually lent support to Anti-Semites hungry for evidence of Jewish…

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Fourplexes will sink too

BY DEANNA BOSS It’s election season but it’s not candidate yard signs dotting the streets of Minneapolis—it’s signs advocating for certain positions on issues. The “Save Hiawatha Golf Course” are most popular in my neighborhood, but now I’m seeing the red and white “No Bulldozers” taking a stand against the…

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In our July Nokomis edition David Tilsen was quoted as saying: “In 1987 Particia Torres Ray joined with Tony Scallon and Jeff Spartz to run a slate of candidates for the Minneapolis School Board who dismantled benchmark testing, drove out Superintendent Richard Green, hired Robert Ferrera and brought division and…

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Here’s the lowdown on Bloomington Ave

BY STEPHANIE FOX While Bloomington Avenue in South Minneapolis is mostly single-family and duplex homes, there are small stretches of unique and colorful businesses. Lots of street corners offer super places to eat, shop and visit. Hot Plate 5204 Bloomington Ave. 612-824-4794 The restaurant Hot Plate, a local institution, is…

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