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Forum on Affordable Housing August 27

BY ED FELIEN The Minneapolis Commission on Civil Rights will host a public forum on affordable housing at Pillsbury House on Wednesday, Aug. 27 from 6 to 8 p.m. Nekima Levy-Pounds, Professor at the University of St. Thomas School of Law, will moderate the event, and one of the members…

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The League of Longfellow Artists (LoLa) invites the public into artists’ home studios and backyards, as well as neighborhood cafés, bars and shops, to showcase the wide range of fine arts and practical crafts made by artists and artisans of the greater Longfellow community of South Minneapolis. The sixth annual…

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Gaza and Israel

BY ED FELIEN Gaza has been Arab since the dawn of civilization.  The city of Gaza was the home of the Philistines at the time of Moses.  It was an Egyptian city with an Egyptian religion and social customs.  According to the Torah the Arabs wouldn’t let the Jews pass…

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Minnehaha Parkway Detour

The E Minnehaha Parkway Resurfacing Project, from 27th Ave. to 38th Ave., will begin Aug. 12. The westbound portion will begin after the eastbound is substantially complete. The intersections at 38th Ave. S. and 39th Ave. S. will remain open to traffic. It will last approximately seven weeks. Detours and…

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Treehouse a staple of the Twin Cities

BY DEB RAMAGE It smells like the 1980s: a   little bit stale tobacco smoke, a little bit unwashed dog. This is appropriate, I guess, because this same record    store with a different name (Oarfolkjokeopus, a very different name) was the high tide point of the Minneapolis music scene  during a…

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War and more war

BY ED FELIEN As of the first of July, 750 “advisers” are going back into Iraq to help stop ISIS from advancing on Baghdad.  The New York Times reported June 26 that more than 1,000 private security guards will go to Iraq to protect those advisers.  That’s in addition to…

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