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Seward Cafe at 40

BY DEBRA KEEFER RAMAGE The Seward Café, which turns 40 years old some time this year, is a study in contradictions. Although it’s known for its longevity, laying claim to being both the oldest collectively-managed business in the Twin Cities and the oldest collectively-managed restaurant/-café in the U.S., its actual…

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From ‘Historic St. Paul’: early history

Since 1840, St. Paul has taken on different identities: frontier hamlet, steamboat burg, provincial capital, railroad boomtown, city in stagnation, city in decline, city in revival. These transformations have left their marks all over town. Nowhere can one see them better than on Selby Avenue. Follow Selby Avenue from where…

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Hiawatha Avenue Landscape Restoration

FROM THE OFFICE OF COUNCIL MEMBER ANDREW JOHNSON The installation of the 350 trees along Hiawatha Avenue has been completed. Hennepin County contracted with Hoffman and McNamara to install 350 trees along Hiawatha Avenue from 32nd to 46th Streets. The project began on June 3 with the removal of 165…

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Teach In on Gaza

BY ED FELIEN Southside Pride, Women Against Military Madness, the Anti-War Committee, Walker Church and the Minnesota Green Party sponsored a Teach In on Gaza at Walker Church Saturday, Aug. 23. Mnar Muhawesh, the editor in chief of Mint Press, an online daily newsmagazine, spoke on the five myths regarding…

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Letter to the Editor

This letter is in regards to David, Angela and Trey Brown’s current circumstances that I heard about on the news last night. Specifically, parents of a boy who has been suffering with severe brain trauma and took it upon themselves to use unprescribed marijuana oil to ease their boy’s pain.…

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The three state solution

BY ED FELIEN “Israel has a right to defend herself,” Pres. Barack Obama. As long as Hamas and others use violence to achieve their legitimate aims of independence and statehood, they continue to play into Israel’s hands.  The collective guilt of the holocaust will always force Americans and Europeans to…

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