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Caucusing with the DFL

BY DEBORAH KEEFER RAMAGE My precinct caucus last Tuesday was in the same place as the precinct caucus a year ago, which, because my precinct is (supposedly) massive compared to others in Ward 12, is also the same place as last year’s ward convention—the elegantly shabby auditorium of Roosevelt High…

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The Guantanamo Public Memory Project Exhibition

Many activists have stated that at the root of violence is the dehumanization of another human being. Although there are many, almost imperceptible ways to dehumanize another person, torture and indefinite detention carry dehumanization to the extreme limits. It is necessary for America to rethink Guantanamo. The Minnesota Council of…

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Vikings lawsuits summary

BY DAVID TILSEN For those who are confused, here is a quick summary of the various lawsuits to stop the stadium. In the Cohen, Woodruff, Ostrow lawsuit, they contended (correctly) that the stadium legislation requires the Vikings to pay for the parking ramp, and the city should not be selling…

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Queen of Cuisine “Lurking on Loring”

Y CARLA WALDEMAR Lurcat 1624 Harmon Place 612-486-5500 www.cafelurcat.com “Choose a place,” my companion from out of town directed: “downtown, or close by; good food and wine lists; unobtrusive service; and quiet enough for conversation.” Oh, and bonus points for a lovely, relaxed setting and a photo-op view. The pressure…

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Precinct caucuses Tuesday, Feb. 4

BY ED FELIEN Precinct caucuses are this Tuesday, Feb. 4, at 7 p.m. To find out where your precinct is convening for your political party, call: DFL: 651-293-1200 or go to dfl.org; Republican: 651-222-0022 or mngop.com; Green Party: 651-288-2820 or mngreens.org. The Farmer Labor Association is urging its members and…

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BY TONY BOUZA As I travel about the state, people, invariably kind, seem incredulous 1) that I’m still alive, and 2) that I make Minnesota my home. Maybe I should get out more. Then comes, “What are you doing now?” The truth is, as little as possible. “Are you writing?”…

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New Year’s Day tragedy on the West Bank

BY DEBRA KEEFER RAMAGE It started with an explosion, at approximately 8:15 a.m. on New Year’s Day. By the time the firefighters arrived, the building was in flames. There were injured victims lying around outside the building, having jumped from second- and third-floor windows. The crew fought the blaze inside for…

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Hiawatha Death Star kills again

BY ED FELIEN Sunday night, Jan. 12, at about 6 p.m., the Hiawatha Deathstar struck again. A pedestrian who lives in the area was killed walking across the light rail tracks at 42nd and Hiawatha. He became the 10th victim since June 2004. Metro Transit spokes-man John Siqveland said the…

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Majority of City Council side with equity

BY NICK ESPINOSA AND ANTHONY NEWBY One hundred fifty community members braved a record cold snap to demand that the new City Council prioritize closing Minneapolis’ worst-in-the-nation racial equity gaps as they begin their new term. After the conclusion of the inauguration ceremony for the new council, hundreds kicked off…

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