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Queen of Cuisine “World Champs”

BY CARLA WALDEMAR World Street Kitchen 2743 Lyndale Ave. S. 612-424-8855 www.eatwsk.com World Street Kitchen is a playground for the Wadi brothers, owners of the esteemed, James Beard Award-nominated Saffron in the Warehouse District. There the intriguing Mediterranean menu (with emphasis on the swell eats of Palestine, where the bros…

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Tony’s latest for the holidays

BY JEROME A. HOCHBERG Tony Bouza’s latest book, “Expert Witness—Breaking the Policemen’s Blue Code of Silence,” should be required reading for all police officers in command positions. It should also be a required textbook for police training programs. For the layperson, this book is an eye-opener into the serious problem…

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Meditation on disappointment

Southside Pride and Pulse, August 2007 What do you do with enormous disappointment? What do you do when you just couldn’t have something you really, really wanted. I don’t know. Rarely do I take big leaps—mostly to avoid disappointment, I suppose. But this time, since “I’m not getting any younger,…

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