A prayer for Easter


May the spirit of Jesus the Christ, the savior, the messiah, the revolutionary* inspire all of us on April 9, Palm Sunday, the feast day of the first Peoples March to throw money-changers out of the Temple, to help us renew our dedication to the purification of the Temple.
“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” — Matthew 6:24.
We will march with our leaders.  We will drive the anti-Christ, the money-changers, the worshippers of Mammon, out of our Temple.  And this time we will stay with our leaders.  We will not abandon them.  We will not let them be crucified.  We shall be at their side.
May the spirit of Jesus be with all of us.
* I see the words as synonymous. Christ means savior, means messiah, means revolutionary.
I think it’s probably much more useful to use the term revolutionary to describe Jesus because most people think, “I couldn’t be a ‘savior’ or a ‘messiah.’ They don’t really know what those terms mean. And then they let themselves off the hook. They don’t stay and defend the temple from the counter-attack by the Roman (or, in our case, the American) imperialists that have taken over their lives. I think Jesus died because there were not enough people defending him. They didn’t stand with him when he and the revolt needed them. That was the sin.

Please lord, let us help those that need our help. We have the capacity to do what is right and provide universal health care for all Americans. Why are we waiting? Health care may be complicated, but compassion for our fellow brothers and sisters is not. In the Talmud, Tikkun Olam teaches us to heal and repair the world. Without the Talmud there is no New Testament or Koran. The wisdom of our ancestors has been diminished as of late and as we are admonished not to forget the lessons of the past, we need to remember that we may have come to American in different ships at different times, but we really are in the same “boat” now. We must not allow those with the greatest need to be cast adrift with no hope of finding a “safe harbor.”

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