Ad Sizes and Rates


General placement ad rates are $27 per column inch in 1 edition. All prices listed are for 1 edition.

• 1/2 page ad = $972
• full page ad = $1,944

Ad Sizes
Southside Pride is printed on a tabloid size paper (actual size is 11.25 x 16 inches) . We use a 5-column format. Click the Size/Price chart for a printable copy.



Placement of the same ad in a second edition of Southside Pride in the same month will earn a 10% discount on the second ad.

Placement of the same ad in the third edition will earn a 25% discount.

For example: a business card size ad (2 columns x 2 inches) is $88 for 1 edition, $167.20 for 2 editions (88+79.20), and $233.20 for 3 editions (88+79.20+66)

*Back Page Placement

Rates are higher for the high profile back page. Please call for rates.

*Guaranteed Placement

An additional 20% charge will guarantee placement on a particular page, corner of a page, or section.


Southside Pride provides spot color and 4-color on selected pages. Rates vary.

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