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Spotlight on Saint Paul’s Highland Park

BY DEBRA KEEFER RAMAGE Highland Park is one of three Saint Paul neighborhoods that is contiguous with Minneapolis (the others being Merriam Park and Midway), and it has a lot of attractive things for Minneapolitans to do and see when they cross the river. One of those is the Highland…

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Boulder Dam is down!

BY ED FELIEN Somehow, as mysteriously as it appeared, Boulder Dam has disappeared. For more than a year, Southside Pride has called for the removal of the boulders under the 30th Avenue footbridge. The Barr Engineering study of Minnehaha Creek identified this rock weir as the control point for the…

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Community disempowerment in Minneapolis

BY DAVID TILSEN The East Phillips neighborhood has experienced more than its share of outrages. It holds a superfund site called the “Asbestos Triangle,” continues to have polluting industries like bituminous roadways and foundries, saw much of its land taken by Abbot Northwestern Hospital, and continues to be ground zero…

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The subtle art of losing

BY TONY BOUZA Every essay is a drip between the Scylla of truth and the Charybdis of offending. What is your responsibility to readership? It is really a sort of sacred trust and central to my pretensions to integrity—pathetic though they be. The reader must be served. The writer is…

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First Nations Kitchen

BY ELAINE KLAASSEN Southside Pride has been running the following in our Phillips/Powderhorn edition and on our website for a long time: *All Saints Episcopal Indian Mission 3044 Longfellow Ave. –Sundays 5:30-6:30 p.m. First Nations Kitchen: Healthy, organic dinners in setting of radical hospitality. Serving since November 2010! To learn…

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The sad deterioration of our parks

BY ED FELIEN On Friday, May 31, Superintendent Al Bangoura and Commissioner AK Hassan celebrated the opening of new swing sets and sod replanting at Peavey Park. It was a gloriously staged event with television cameras and much self-congratulation. Earlier that week I had sent Bangoura an email talking about…

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Innovative programs and shops on Nicollet Avenue

BY DEBRA KEEFER RAMAGE Southside Pride dropped by the interesting Simply Jane Studio and ArtAble over the weekend. The address is 5411 Nicollet Avenue, but if your method is to drive slowly looking for a sign like mine is, you might miss it, because it’s set back perpendicular to Nicollet,…

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‘The beatings will continue until morale improves!’

BY ED FELIEN This map, produced by a team of geographers, historians and social activists at the University of Minnesota (, shows the areas of South Minneapolis that had restrictive covenants written into the deeds of homes for sale: “That the said land or buildings thereon shall never be sold…

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