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Thank you, Cam Gordon

BY ED FELIEN The huge and spontaneous outpouring of gratitude on the Seward Neighborhood Forum for Cam Gordon was begun by Jim Welna: Wanted to thank Cam Gordon for his service to our community and the City of Minneapolis as a member of the Minneapolis City Council since 2006. He…

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It blew up in our faces

BY ED FELIEN We were feeling so hopeful, so optimistic. We were congratulating ourselves on our great victory over ignorance. We lit a cigar to celebrate. And then it blew up in our faces. We made some terrible mistakes. The banner across the front of the stage in Powderhorn Park…

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New transit station at Lake Street

BY STEPHANIE FOX For four years, those traveling on I-35W have seen a mammoth construction project rise above Lake Street. The structure is part of MnDOT’s Crosstown plan to create a 14-mile highway Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line connecting Minneapolis, Richfield, Bloomington and Burnsville. On Thursday, Oct. 21, the first…

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Free speech

BY TONY BOUZA What a facile phrase. Rolls off the tongue so easily we fail to concentrate on its miraculous value. Americans profess it promiscuously, but I’ve found that, when push comes to shove, few really believe in it enough to risk anything meaningful, unless it applies to them. An…

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Mohamed Noor resentenced

BY ED FELIEN Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor shot and killed Justine Ruszczyk Damond in July of 2017. He was convicted of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Damond had called 911 to complain about an incident of domestic abuse happening in her alley. When the squad car passed her in…

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They’re starting to leave the sinking ship

BY ED FELIEN The five police officers involved in the Terrance Franklin killing have decided to get separate lawyers. That’s a big sign. It probably means Officers Andy Stender, Ricardo Muro and Mark Durand might be willing to tell the truth about what happened in the basement when Officers Lucas…

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Southside Pride Sample Ballot

Mayor: 1. Sheila Nezhad 2. Kate Knuth City Council: Ward 1: Elliott Payne Ward 2: Cam Gordon Ward 3: Steve Fletcher Ward 4: Phillipe Cunningham Ward 5: Jeremiah Ellison Ward 6: Abdirizak Bihi Ward 7: Nick Kor Ward 8: Andrea Jenkins Ward 9: Jason Chavez Ward 10: Aisha Chughtai Ward…

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