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  1. A welcome article about Senator Franken. Tony Bouza says that the teachers’ union exists the unfit. That is not the purpose of the teachers’ union or any other union. If the unfit get protected from with unions or without them-it happens both ways– that is hardly the same as being the purpose. As for the bit on Chanukah, most of it is true. Some if it is true sometimes. There is no primary food of latkes–i am Jewish, and I never heard of a latke until I was an adult. Sufganyot are served in Israel and maybe the S’fardic diaspora. Might they show up sometime as a novelty in the US? Sure. Once, around ten years ago, in fact, I saw one. The bit about gifts? It varies eith the family. Some of what was described is sometimes. I would rather not see my religion described al all than have it represented mostly accurately.

  2. I can’t believe this–I heard recently that the government is going to try and drive out homeless people before the Super Bowl to “clean it up” around the Twin Cities, in a calculated manner, even going so far as to maybe shut down a homeless shelter. Regarding the last part, I hope they wouldn’t be that evil…but anyway, this is an outrage!

  3. I love Tony Bouza’s “More Cops”, printed for the month of June 2018 Volume XXVIII Issue 16. I love it. It is hilarious.. preach on brotha.. And keep on tellin em …

  4. Local Orthographer

    I think “nappa” in the K-Bop review is referring to Napa cabbage. As in wine country. IIRC it’s baechu in Korean. But who knows. Thanks for discussing the vegetarian/vegan selection and reusables vs plastics, etc. Minneapolis skyway eateries went compostable and them seem to have been sold on ‘resuable’ plastic takeaway containers that everyone just throws in the garbage or recycling.

  5. Hi ed,
    I’ve chatted with you before via the standish ericson website about lake hiawatha. I’ve noticed you don’t list the active centerpoint gas pipeline that was placed in 2013. A directional drilling rig sat in front of our house on the 47xx block of 27th Ave s all summer and drilled a hole under the creek at a diagonal back over to 28th Ave S where it connected at about 46th street to the new pipeline coming down 28th. The creek crossing was moved over to 27th Ave because of the planned 28th Ave bridge replacement planned for next year. The planned pile placement for the bridge precluded running the gas line straight down 28th Ave under the creek. I’m not sure how deep the pipeline but centerpoint must know
    Dick Mabbs

  6. i support police in this one

  7. A convicted ex felon, drunk, running around a neighborhood shooting a gun in the air at the ground, refuses to comply with police commands is better off sleeping for a long time than loose on our streets.

  8. Knock it off with the classist and ableist remarks Tony Bouza.

  9. Excel Energy wants to build a Fracked Gas Plant in Mankato and reduce solar and wind. Public input was taken in the Sabathany Bldg on Oct 22 (2 days past)
    I heard that the proposal passed the legislature but avoided the usual environmental and public review.
    How could this happen? There were 100 people there (all against) but my only warning was when I saw people standing outside Sabathany with placards.
    Did you guys know and cover this? I was surprised I was caught off guard minutes before the meeting.

  10. On pumping of lake Hiawatha, I disagree with pumping, trying to fight mother nature is foolish. If you take a look at old maps of the area most of the low lying area’s were swamps and most were filled in with the soil removed from the basements of the higher ground homes. So the water moves relatively easy through these spoils. We need to solve these problems for ever and that would mean buying up the properties when they go on the market and either moving the homes or demoliting them. I know this sounds radical but why keep revisiting the same problems over and over. The restored land could be a nature area of some kind. I also think the whole picture needs to be transparent, how much does it cost to pump, where are the pumps, maintenance on the pumping equipment. Cost to widen the creek, lost revenue from closing the golf course, cost to acquire the homes, etc. Then we can make a smart decision.

  11. I use your “Rag ” to line my cat’s litter box …..

  12. Bruce A Hendrickson

    Kudos to Eric Skoglund for his March article on Who’s using our hockey rinks?. I thought the day’s of the 60’s and 70’s outdoor Rink Rat’s were gone to all the indoor ice rinks. I hope Minneapolis can build it’s Park Board Hockey Programs up again and all can enjoy the PUCK and Fellowship hockey offers.

  13. I use this “rag” to line my cat’s lttter box …….😂😂😂😊😊😊😊😊😊😂😂😂😂😂

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