All My Relations Gallery
1414 E. Franklin Ave.

ColorWheel Gallery
319 W 46th St.

Douglas Flanders & Associates
818 W. Lake St.

Gage Family Art Gallery
22nd Ave. S. at Riverside Ave.

Gamut Gallery
717 S. 10th St.

Groveland Gallery
25 Groveland Terrace

Goldstein Museum of Design
McNeal Gallery
1985 Buford Ave., St. Paul 55108
Northrup Gallery: Roots to Healing
Northrop was built on the site of former University’s medicinal plant gardens. This brief survey of the past, present and future of plant-based medicine in Minnesota will be curated by Lisa Aston ​Philander, College of Biological Sciences Conservatory. The exhibition will feature plants from each of the conservatory​’s ​biomes representing ​​medicinals common to local indigenous and immigrant cultures.
Through January 2018

Highpoint Center for Printmaking
912 W. Lake St.

Instinct Art Gallery
940 Nicollet Mall

Indigenous Roots Cultural Arts Center
788 E. 7th St., St. Paul 55106
Maryanne Quiroz, 651-366-0006
Cenoch Quiroz, 612-203-5690

Intermedia Arts
2822 Lyndale Ave. S.

Metro State St. Paul Campus,  Gordon Parks Gallery in the Library and Learning Center
645 E. Seventh St.

Minneapolis Institute of Art
2400 3rd Ave. S.
612-870 3000

Regla De Oro
2743 Lyndale Ave. S.

Soo Visual Arts Center
2909 Bryant Ave. S., Suite 101
Interference: A multi-media installation by Liza Sylvestre
An immersive multi-media experience created by artist Liza Sylvestre. Sylvestre explores her personal struggle with what it means to live in a hearing world. She wears a cochlear implant, which enables her to hear to a degree, but she still struggles with how much to conceal or reveal about her inability to follow conversations in certain settings. Sylvestre’s current body of work is an exploration of constantly feeling exposed and vulnerable to judgment. It encrypts information obfuscating the meaning of words both written and spoken to the viewer through drawings and video.
Through August 26

Susan Hensel Gallery
3441 Cedar Ave. S.
Patricia Haynes & Pauline Mitchell Sculptures
Drawing and painting have been abiding interests of Patricia Haynes since childhood. In dozens of classes, she benefited from a group of magnetic teachers; experimented with a wide range of media and subject matter under their tutelage. Eventually, life drawing became her primary focus.
Then, in 1999, enrollment in a pottery class was unexpectedly inspiring. She was introduced not only to a new medium, but more importantly, to an unexplored perspective. Quickly bored with the idea of throwing a perfect pot, she rolled out slabs of clay. Designing three dimensional forms with these slabs left her breathless with excitement.
Pauline Mitchell: One In Eight
“One woman in eight who lives to age 85 will develop breast cancer during her lifetime.”-National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.
I am a survivor. On Valentine’s Day in 1995 I had a bi-lateral radical mastectomy. Why radical? I wanted the cancer out, now!
For a long time, it was difficult to look at myself in a mirror. One day I accepted that these are my battle scars and I had earned them. Battling with cancer changes a person.
Before surgery I would take a long time getting to know people. Sometimes, so much time, that I never did get to know them. After surgery, I realized that my time might be very short and I didn’t have the time to wait or to be shy.
I have learned to make decisions and make them fairly quickly.
My goal is to live one day at a time.
Why this body of work? To heal … and to share with others who have been on the same journey.
Through August

Vine Arts Center
2637 27th Ave. S.

The White Page
3400 Cedar Ave. S.
Man After My Own Boot
A show of new works by Derek Ernster. Based on a generative text by the same name, the exhibition uses photography, sculpture and video to produce a world of ordinary objects obscured and illuminated by fictional strategies. The exhibtion also coincides with the release of a collaborative book made with QXIZ editions.
Derek Ernster is a multi-disciplinary artist currently working on an MFA at the University of Chicago. QXIZ Editions is the book publishing project of Alyson Coward, based in Minneapolis.
Through August 27


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