• Vote November 8

    BY ED FELIEN President:  Vote for Hillary.  OK, she’s not Bernie.  I’m not Bernie.  You’re not Bernie.  Bernie says vote for Hillary.  It’s the best chance we’ve got to make some changes that can protect people at the bottom from greedy clowns. Congress: Vote for Keith.  He stood with Bernie.  He stood with the nurses.  We stand by him. State […]

    Vote November 8
  • Occupation of Peavey Park

    BY DWIGHT HOBBES Summer 2011 the Minneapolis Police Department struck at the South Minneapolis intersection of Chicago and Franklin. Crack dealers, along with hookers and other junkies, accustomed to complacently setting up camp at the Thrones Plaza entrance to Peavey Park, hardly knew what hit them.  Literally overnight, coordinating undercover work, camera surveillance and snitches,  Minneapolis’ finest had one of the city’s worst open air […]

    Occupation of Peavey Park
  • Asking for help

    BY CHRISTOPHER HARRISON ELDRIDGE Violet Barnes exemplifies the wide range of people who spend time panhandling in an effort to make ends meet. She lives with her daughter not far from the Lake and Hiawatha intersection, having moved to the cities from South Dakota with her family in hope of better prospects. “Today’s been slow, and cold.” She sits at […]

    Asking for help

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