• A new police chief?

    BY ED FELIEN We do not need a change of the Palace Guard. Replacing the chief of police is not the solution to the problem with the Minneapolis Police Department. The problem is there is no accountability. The MPD officers believe they are above the law. They believe their badge and their gun makes them the law. Their recently re-elected […]

    A new police chief?
  • Crowds at Nokomis Farmers Market get a visit from big birds

    BY STEPHANIE FOX A trip to the farmers market usually doesn’t include a chance to meet birds of prey, but on Aug. 2, visitors to the Nokomis Wednesday Farmers Market could come and see, up close, three Minnesota raptors. The birds, an 18-year-old bald eagle, a 2-year-old red-tailed hawk and a 3-year-old American kestrel falcon, from the University of Minnesota […]

    Crowds at Nokomis Farmers Market get a visit from big birds
  • America’s police are still out of control

    BY TONY BOUZA I wrote a piece in this space years ago with that title (excluding “still”), and the passing years have only deepened and confirmed that view. And how many objections/refutations did I receive for such an outlandish claim? Zip. Well, save your pennies, because your pocket is about to be picked over another police shooting—of Justine Damond, in […]

    America’s police are still out of control

Other News

Park Board votes to close Hiawatha Golf Course

BY ED FELIEN At its Aug. 9 meeting, the Park Board voted 6 to 3 to stop pumping water out of the Hiawatha Golf Course by the end of the season in 2019.  That means the course will be flooded because there is a dam holding back 2 to4 feet of water at 27th Avenue.  Rather than take down the […]

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The last days of the last Lyndale Avenue record store

BY DEBRA KEEFER RAMAGE On Treehouse Records’ web page there is a little tagline that says “The World’s Last Record Store.” I suspect this dates from the dark days of waning fortunes for record stores, before the Great Vinyl Resurgence of 2009. (I just made that up, but it’s vaguely accurate.) Nowadays there are lots of record stores, and lots […]

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Anti-war protest

Over 60 people joined an anti-war protest at Hiawatha and Lake Street on Saturday, July 22. The protest, called by the Minnesota Peace Action Coalition, was held in response to the ever increasing military intervention around the world by the Trump Administration. A statement issued by organizers said in part, “The Trump Administration is carrying out a stealth escalation of […]

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‘Young people speakin’ their minds Getting so much resistance from behind It’s time we stop Hey, what’s that sound? Everybody look – what’s going down?’ –Stephen Stills ‘Social clubs in drag disguise’ –Bob Dylan

BY ED FELIEN And they burned the bridges behind them. A new generation came to take their place, so they fought back.  They wore the machinery down; ground the process to dust; exhausted them; outlasted them, and they remained intact. The DFL establishment that ran the City DFL Convention was the older generation in drag, scolding the delegates like a […]

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QUEEN OF CUISINE: Pigging out on BBQ

BY CARLA WALDEMAR Old Southern BBQ 4501 France Ave. S. 612-236-4877 Love BBQ? Love Famous Dave? Me too. And I’m sweet on Dave himself. Dave Anderson, of “Famous” fame, ceded control of the company he founded when it went public a few years back, serving it today as a consultant. But you can’t keep a good man out of the […]

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Community cooperatives can take back health care

BY JOEL ALBERS Last September, 125,000 Minnesotans faced unprecedented HMO premium rate hikes of 50-67% (25% increase the prior year), forcing most of these individuals and families in neighborhoods across Minnesota to struggle to pay for, or go without, health insurance. Being priced out of the market and ending up uninsured leads to worsened health and is a leading cause […]

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A unique shop caters to the outdoor crowd with bargains and repair services

BY STEPHANIE FOX A camping box, made out of a wooden file drawer, has just arrived at the Repair Lair and owner Nancy Ford is checking each item. One piece catches her interest. “It’s a massive cook set with a one-burner stove,” she says. She turns the stove over in her hands. “This is cool. It’s a 413G camp stove. […]

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Mayday volunteer and peace/labor activist Thomas R. Dooley, born Jan. 20, 1926, died July 4, 2017

BY GREG, KRISTEN, DOUG, DON, CRAIG & MORGAN Comrade Tom died at the age of 91 of unknown causes in a nursing home in St. Paul, after a short stay, having transferred from United Hospital subsequent to colon surgery for colon cancer.  His mother died on July 4th too, when Tom was 6 months old, so Tom grew up without a mother […]

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CONFESSIONS OF AN UNREPENTANT MAOIST: Mo Burton and the Black Panthers, 1971, spring

BY ED FELIEN There wasn’t much to do after losing the election, so I started hanging out with Mo Burton.  He was a 6-foot, 2-inch, 290-pound black guy who had a great political analysis and wanted to start a local chapter of the Black Panther Party in Minneapolis.  We’d drive around, drink cheap wine, smoke some pot, talk politics and […]

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FROM WHERE I STAND: Short observations

BY POLLY MANN CEO pay may not be quite as high as it once was, but the numbers still dwarf the pay earned by the typical worker. Chief executives of America’s 350 largest companies made an average of $15.6 million in 2016, or 271 times more than what the typical worker made last year, according to the Economic Policy Institute’s annual […]

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