• Longfellow Energy Fair Feb 7

    BY THE LONGFELLOW COMMUNITY COUNCIL It was a hot summer day when a group of neighborhood volunteers in Longfellow began thinking of the coming frigid winter and the high heating bills it would bring. What actions could they take now to reduce their electricity and gas bills in the coming months? The Longfellow Energy Fair will answer those energy questions […]

    Longfellow Energy Fair Feb 7
  • An envelope of light

    BY GAIL RAJALA HAYDEN I went with a friend to Palmer’s bar, next-door to the Cedar Cultural Center.  After she left, and I was enjoying my second hot pineapple juice, Cadillac Kolstad sat down at the piano. This time it was the sudden and explosive quick first tap to the keys that made me sit back down and say to […]

    An envelope of light
  • We can call it whatever we want!

    BY ED FELIEN As part of the billion dollar giveaway to Zygi Wilf, the State Legislature agreed to let him sell the naming rights to the new Vikings stadium.  This can amount to a sizeable piece of change over 25 years.  Target agreed to pay $5 million a year for 25 years for the privilege of naming the baseball stadium, […]

    We can call it whatever we want!

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