• Poison in Minnehaha Park

    Charley Underwood, longtime Southside Pride garden columnist, wrote on the Minneapolis Issues List:  I was out foraging this afternoon, scouting out several of my favorite places to gather juneberries (aka serviceberries or saskatoon, etc.).  One of those places is along the grassy strip between the parking lot and Minnehaha Falls.  To my dismay, I saw a series of signs warning […]

    Poison in Minnehaha Park
  • The King is coming in September

    BY ED FELIEN No, not that King. King’s Fair is coming to Matthew’s Park on Sept. 19. Every two years the Seward Neighborhood Group puts on a neighborhood fair at Matthews Park that is meant to commemorate the King’s Fairs produced by Colonel William S. King at that site, from 1877 to 1882. The idea for a fair at that […]

    The King is coming in September
  • The new civil wars

    BY ED FELIEN There are two raging civil wars going on in the U.S. right now! One is a race war: the white race against everybody else.  And the second is Muslims fighting against the occupation of their home countries by U.S. business interests. At this point, white racist lone-wolf terrorists are killing non-whites at a rate twice  that of […]

    The new civil wars

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