• Trust but verify

    BY TONY BOUZA Woody Allen and Pedro Almodovar are, to me, cinema’s biggest stars.  Woody perplexed me with his personal life and forced me to consider the artist and the man—did the latter’s behavior affect the artistic standing?  Ultimately he led me to conclude the artist is a prophet, and his/her work has to be weighed on its own independent […]

    Trust but verify
  • Seward Cafe at 40

    BY DEBRA KEEFER RAMAGE The Seward Café, which turns 40 years old some time this year, is a study in contradictions. Although it’s known for its longevity, laying claim to being both the oldest collectively-managed business in the Twin Cities and the oldest collectively-managed restaurant/-café in the U.S., its actual collectives seem to turn over completely about every seven years. […]

    Seward Cafe at 40

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