• Roosevelt parents want equity

    BY JEANETTE WIEDEMEIER BOWER, RHS BOOSTERS Roosevelt High School is experiencing incredible growth. Our student population is expanding, parents are becoming active in the once defunct Booster Club, and the community is rallying around our school again. There is increased energy among the Teddies; the future is bright. Much of the turn-around can be attributed to Roosevelt’s principal, Michael Bradley, […]

    Roosevelt parents want equity
  • Hooray for Mayor Hodges!

    BY ED FELIEN Bill McGuire and his sports buddies the Pohlads, who own the Twins, and Glen Taylor, who owns the Timberwolves, want to build a stadium in downtown Minneapolis just for soccer.  And here’s the good news: They want to build it using private money.  And here’s the bad news: They want a rebate on sales taxes and they […]

    Hooray for Mayor Hodges!
  • Sami Rasouli goes above and beyond

    BY DEBRA KEEFER RAMAGE Sami Rasouli, Iraqi-born, naturalized American citizen, lived in the Twin Cities for over 25 years. Although he was a respected businessman and restaurateur, as well as a husband, a father, and involved in local and international issues, it was only after he went back to Iraq that he truly became the national treasure and local hero […]

    Sami Rasouli goes above and beyond

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