• An inspector runs wild in Seward

    BY ED FELIEN About 60 people showed up at a meeting Tuesday night, Nov. 10, at Matthews Park to discuss complaints against Minneapolis Housing Inspector Joe Jarvis.  Residents and landlords say Jarvis has been over-zealous in applying city codes. Susan Armitage wrote on the Seward Neighborhood Forum, “He is citing our property for six violations that were permitted with our […]

    An inspector runs wild in Seward
  • MPS yields to community pressure

    BY DEBRA KEEFER RAMAGE In a stunning reversal, after initially defending the choice of a $1.25 million contract with publisher Reading Horizons, the Minneapolis School Board reversed its decision and cancelled the contract at its meeting on Oct. 13. The meeting was packed with angry parents and community members who had already got them to reverse their decision to not […]

    MPS yields to community pressure
  • We must not look away

    BY ED FELIEN On Tuesday, Oct. 20, at about 6:45 p.m., in the bus shelter at Lake Street and Park Avenue, Jessica Denise St. Marie was shot multiple times in the head.  She was 28, African American and homeless.   Adopted when she was 8, her adoptive mother said, “There was a hurt little girl in there for all her bravado,” […]

    We must not look away

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