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Take down the dam/weir!

There is a dam/weir blocking the outlet to Lake Nokomis. This has caused the water table in the neighborhood to rise. The dam/weir was built in 1964. South Minneapolis mythology has it that Vice President Humphrey had the U.S. Corps of Engineers build the dam/weir to hold back the water…

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Our Revolution City Council priorities

At its Dec. 2 General Membership Meeting, Our Revolution Twin Cities agreed to six priorities for the new City Council: 1. Policing: Make $50 million of the police budget contingent on them voluntarily adopting a civilian review board to review cases of misconduct whose recommendations would be implemented in every…

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We need a new city attorney

BY ED FELIEN This is the interregnum—that period between regimes, when the new government begins to organize themselves and the old government packs up and leaves. The new City Council will be deciding who will be president, who will be majority leader and who will head up the various committees.…

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The light of liberation

BY ED FELIEN Jews were always revolting. When they revolted against the Persian King Nebuchadnezzar around 600 BC he carried the leaders of the rebellion off to Babylon. In exile for 70 years they studied in one of the great libraries of the ancient world and came up with their…

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