• Protesters march down 35W

    BY ED FELIEN For a couple of hours on Thursday, Dec. 3, a revolutionary act by a hundred or more brave souls was being televised live. It was thrilling. They began at the Burger King restaurant at 34th and Nicollet with a demonstration calling attention to the need to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and, then, they […]

    Protesters march down 35W
  • Demonstrator hit by car

    BY ED FELIEN On Monday evening, Nov. 24, the week of Thanksgiving, the St. Louis County prosecuting attorney released the findings of the grand jury in the case of Officer Darren Wilson’s shooting and killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. As expected, the grand jury chose not to indict Wilson, and, predictably, there were massive demonstrations against police brutality […]

    Demonstrator hit by car
  • Charley Underwood on the Minneapolis Issues List:

    This case [protesters hit by a car] continues to bother me, since it has such huge implications on the role of the police in our government, the rights of legal protest, the separation of powers and (yes) the working conditions of many, many honest police officers. If no legal action is taken against a driver who clearly struck pedestrians and […]

    Charley Underwood on the Minneapolis Issues List:
  • Unfinished business

    BY ED FELIEN The public attack on Mayor Hodges by John Delmonico of the Minneapolis Police Federation, in crudely trying to associate her with gang members in what became known as Pointergate, has backfired big time. It quickly became a national joke, but it laid bare the antagonism between the mayor and the many reactionary elements in the MPD. Just […]

    Unfinished business

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