• Who is ISIS?

    BY ED FELIEN The ancient Egyptian goddess Isis is the mother of the Greek and Christian religions.   She begins the myths of the journey into the wilderness, the death and the resurrection. The ISIS of the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq is really a secessionist movement of Sunni Arabs who don’t enjoy being ruled by Shia and Persians.  Conditions […]

    Who is ISIS?
  • Trying to make sense of the park board

    BY ED FELIEN The big meeting organized by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to discuss pumping at the Hiawatha Golf Course took place Tuesday, June 14, at Pearl Park.  There was a big storm predicted for the evening, with a tornado watch for the 6:30 to 8:30 time of the meeting, but, except for a little rain, nothing serious […]

    Trying to make sense of the park board
  • DFL State Convention report

    BY DEBRA KEEFER RAMAGE The Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party held its 2016 state convention on June 4 at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis. I did not attend as a member of the press, but as an alternate, then upgraded to delegate, to Bernie Sanders. As a delegate I could be on the floor when the votes were taken, which the press […]

    DFL State Convention report
  • The new Nazi Order

    BY ED FELIEN Are you concerned that the number of hillbilly militias, racist rednecks with assault rifles, has grown from a little over a hundred groups to more than a thousand groups in the last few years? Are you concerned that the FBI warned in 2006 that white supremacists have infiltrated local police departments? From The Holocaust Museum, Encyclopedia: “The […]

    The new Nazi Order

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