• County attorney will not prosecute Jeffrey Rice

    BY ED FELIEN At a demonstration on Nov. 25 of last year in front of the Third Precinct station at Lake and Minnehaha, Jeffrey Rice drove his car into a crowd of demonstrators.  Southside Pride encouraged demonstrators to contact the County Attorney’s Office with information about the incident with the faith that violent assaults on peaceful demonstrators would be prosecuted. […]

    County attorney will not prosecute Jeffrey Rice
  • Fighting City Hall

    BY CHUCK TURCHICK Yes, you can fight City Hall, and sometimes even win a little something. When the Minneapolis Police Conduct Oversight Commission (PCOC)—the citizen body that took over all the Civilian Review Authority functions other than actually hearing cases involving allegations of police misconduct—held its first meeting in October 2013, I noticed something strange. If I wanted to send […]

    Fighting City Hall
  • Name the Stadium contest

    BY ED FELIEN Names for the new Vikings stadium are coming in fast and furious.  The response has been fast, and many of the names reflect taxpayer fury. Jim Graham wants to call it The Bam, as in the Great Bamboozle. Gayle Bonneville wants to call it The Bird.  Janet Nye thinks that’s a great choice: “Rising above Minneapolis, visible […]

    Name the Stadium contest

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