• Who went to the precinct caucuses?

    BY ED FELIEN Who went? Almost everybody. They had double the turnout they expected in the 6th Ward. The Fire Department came and said it was unsafe for so many in the room. Capacity was 450. They had twice that number.  So they had to meet outside in the soccer field. Tiffini Flynn Forslund said, “Even though there had been a meeting […]

    Who went to the precinct caucuses?
  • What’s happening in Syria

    BY ED FELIEN On April 4 the Syrian Air Force attacked an ISIS warehouse in Idlib, Syria. Trump says the Syrian Air Force used poison gas in the attack. The Syrians claim the bombs targeted an ammunition warehouse, and the warehouse contained poison gas. The Russians say there should be an impartial international investigation to determine the facts. In retaliation for the Syrian […]

    What’s happening in Syria
  • Organizational Cultures

    BY TONY BOUZA America—under the prodding of Black Lives Matter—struggles with the question of police behavior, even as it shells out millions and millions following abusive encounters. How to explain it? Practically all of us get it when combat soldiers speak of the mystical bond forged by shared danger. That, folks, is it. Shared danger.  Us versus them.  Cops versus […]

    Organizational Cultures

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