To submit an article, please contact Ed Felien (, publisher, to see if your article or ideas for an article are of interest to the newspaper.

To submit a press release for the community calendar, contact Ashley Pederson (

To submit a press release for the religion calendar, contact Elaine Klaassen (

All of the above may be mailed to Southside Pride, 3200 Chicago Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55407.


WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE should be clearly visible. Maximum length 1 page.


Southside Pride is a monthly newspaper with three different editions that come out the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Mondays of the month.

Try to send your news at least a month before the date of the event you’d like to announce if you want the event announced in all three editions before it is scheduled to take place. You can figure out the three editions that will come out before your event. For example, if your event happens on April 14, which always falls before the 3rd Monday of the month, then the three editions preceding will be March Riverside edition (delivered the 3rd Monday of March), April Phillips Powderhorn edition (delivered the 1st Monday of April) and April Nokomis edition (delivered the 2nd Monday of April). Your calendar will show you the date of the 3rd Monday of March—and we’d need your news a week before that. Then it will go into the three editions before April 14.

Call Southside Pride at 612-822-4662 with questions.