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Example 2:  If you want the announcement to start in the Phillips/Powderhorn edition of October, and run in only two editions, you must submit your information a week before Oct. 2.

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  1. A welcome article about Senator Franken. Tony Bouza says that the teachers’ union exists the unfit. That is not the purpose of the teachers’ union or any other union. If the unfit get protected from with unions or without them-it happens both ways– that is hardly the same as being the purpose. As for the bit on Chanukah, most of it is true. Some if it is true sometimes. There is no primary food of latkes–i am Jewish, and I never heard of a latke until I was an adult. Sufganyot are served in Israel and maybe the S’fardic diaspora. Might they show up sometime as a novelty in the US? Sure. Once, around ten years ago, in fact, I saw one. The bit about gifts? It varies eith the family. Some of what was described is sometimes. I would rather not see my religion described al all than have it represented mostly accurately.

  2. I can’t believe this–I heard recently that the government is going to try and drive out homeless people before the Super Bowl to “clean it up” around the Twin Cities, in a calculated manner, even going so far as to maybe shut down a homeless shelter. Regarding the last part, I hope they wouldn’t be that evil…but anyway, this is an outrage!

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