Parkway renovation

mapA new roadway is scheduled for the Parkway this summer. Council Member Andrew Johnson: “Residents have enjoyed a smoother ride on East Minnehaha Parkway from Cedar Avenue to 27th Avenue South/Woodlawn Avenue thanks to upgrades last year. That repaving project will be continued this year from 27th Avenue South/Woodlawn Avenue to 38th Avenue South. This stretch of road will have the existing pavement removed and replaced with new asphalt. The City Council and Park and Recreation Board have approved the project to go ahead, and work is expected to be completed this summer.” The Metropolitan Council is also contributing to the project, but its funds won’t be available until the new fiscal year, which begins July 1. But that’s OK, because, as Project Director Larry Matsumoto said, the city agreed at community meetings to do the project after the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon in June and finish it before the Twin Cities’ Marathon in October.

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