An open letter to Chief Harteau

23828F0100000578-2849774-Crash_A_hit_and_run_driver_is_pictured_smashing_into_a_woman_dur-15_1416969260075Southside Pride would like to see a copy of the police report on the accident that occurred in front of the 3rd Precinct Police Station on Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 26. The driver of a blue van drove deliberately into a crowd of demonstrators.  Through traffic was going around a stalled car on the left.  This driver chose to drive around the stalled car on the right directly into the crowd of demonstrators with the clear intent of doing bodily harm.
Whether this constitutes attempted vehicular homicide or assault with a deadly weapon is a matter to be determined by the county attorney, but in an era when police conduct is increasingly coming under suspicion of being racist and reactionary it is important that this investigation be as public and straightforward as possible.
Evidence of the incident can be seen here:
We have a right to expect your full attention to this matter.

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