Go to your precinct caucus!


Go to your precinct caucuses tomorrow night, Tuesday, April 4.  It’s the first step in the beginning of a great adventure.
It’s a three-way race for City Council in Ward 6 and Ward 9.  Three-way races are always much more volatile and exciting than a two-person race.
In Ward 6 it’s the incumbent, Abdi Warsame, against two challengers: Mohamud Noor and Tiffini Flynn Forslund.  Abdi is aligned with Barbara Johnson and the more conservative faction on the council.  Delegates will probably not forget that his Council aide physically attacked Ilhan Omar at the DFL Legislative Convention three years ago.  Mohamud is supported by Our Revolution Minnesota (the veterans of the Bernie Sanders campaign).  Tiffini could be the balance of power.
Precinct caucuses are at Seward Montessori for the Seward precincts; Brian Coyle Center for the West Bank; Elliot Park for Elliot; Phillips Park for Phillips; and Stewart Park for Stewart.
In Ward 9 it’s incumbent Alondra Cano versus former City Council Member Gary Schiff and Mohamed Farah.  Alondra has the support of Our Revolution and Ilhan Omar.  Gary is supported by the downtown liberal establishment.  Mohamed could be the balance of power.
Precinct Caucuses will be at South High.
Ward 8 will be a coronation of Andrea Jenkins. She’s the only candidate. Which is kind of amazing.  Andrea Jenkins is a black transgender activist. It was my great privilege to serve as council member from the 8th Ward from 1973 to 1975.  I was beaten for re-election by an ultra conservative who hammered me because I authored the Gay Rights Ordinance that said you could not discriminate against people based on their affectional preference.  Today, Andrea is recognized not just for her activism, but, even more, for her service to South Minneapolis as a policy aide to Council Members Robert Lilligren and Elizabeth Glidden.  She has the experience to hit the ground running in the right direction.
Precinct caucuses will be at Lyndale School.
Andrew Johnson, the incumbent Council Member from Ward 12, is being challenged by William Jaeger.  Andrew has broad community support, including the endorsement of Our Revolution.  William is a newcomer.
Precinct caucuses will be at Roosevelt.
The doors open at 6:30 and caucuses start at 7 pm.  They should be done by 9.  Show up early and meet your neighbors.
You can register early and save a lot of time by going to www.mpls.dfl.org
Precinct delegates will be elected to go to the ward conventions.  Wards 8 and 9 will have their conventions on Saturday, April 29, and Wards 6 and 12 will have their conventions on May 6.
A different set of delegates will be elected at the precinct caucuses to go to the city convention July 8 to endorse candidates for mayor, Park Board and the Board of Estimate and Taxation.
We asked candidates for mayor:  “In light of the continuing unconstitutionality of Trump’s immigration bans, will you order the Minneapolis Police Department to not collaborate with the federal department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in identifying immigrant Minneapolis residents?”
Ray Dehn answered: “Yes, under my administration Minneapolis Police Department would not collaborate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to identify non-documented immigrants. Minneapolis shall continue to be a sanctuary—a welcome homestead for anyone looking to make a life.”
Nekima Levy-Pounds answered: “Yes. Immigrant residents in Minneapolis should not have to live in fear of demeaning ICE raids and intrusion into their daily lives because of their immigration status. It is important for city government to work diligently to protect the rights of immigrant men, women and children, including the ways in which they are treated by the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD). As mayor, I would do everything in my power to ensure that MPD not cooperate with ICE in identifying immigrant residents, in light of the ongoing unconstitutionality of Trump’s draconian immigration bans and policies.”

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