When will they say, ‘No More War!’?


MoveOn.org writes: “Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) has introduced a bipartisan bill to block additional U.S. forces from being sent into Syria.
“H.R. 1473 prohibits the Department of Defense from funding any attempt by the administration to expand our presence in Syria by putting U.S. combat boots on the ground. Under the bill, the Pentagon would be prohibited from using funds to send troops to Syria for ground combat operations, award a contract to a private security firm for ground activity or otherwise establish or maintain a presence of U.S. troops or a private security contractor in Syria. The bill would allow for exceptions to ‘protect, rescue or remove’ U.S. personnel.
“ ‘I strongly object to the White House’s decision to unilaterally place U.S. boots on the ground in Syria,’ Rep. Lee said. ‘The Constitution is clear: Congress must debate, vote and authorize the use of military force in matters of war and peace.’ ”
The U.S. Constitution in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11, says only Congress shall have the power “To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water.”  Rick Nolan is the only congressional representative from Minnesota to co-sponsor this legislation with Barbara Lee.
This bill is quite clear.  To support the bill means you are opposed to committing ground troops to Syria to begin an armed invasion of that country.  If you do not sponsor it or support it, then you are in favor of committing U.S. armed forces to an invasion and occupation of Syria.
There is no compromise on this.  You are either against this new escalation of war, or you are for it.
Why hasn’t Keith Ellison signed on?  Why hasn’t Betsy McCollum?  Why hasn’t Amy Kobuchar introduced a similar resolution in the Senate?  Why hasn’t Al Franken?
Why do they want more war?

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