Poems by Demetrios Trifiatis

Oh! Erato,
Muse of poetry of love
Inspire me today!
I supplicate you.
For I aspire to wrote for him for HIM…
The son of Venus,Goddess of beauty,
And of Mercury, the cunning messenger of Gods.

I implore you, oh Muse,
Guide my pen, to write a hymn for Him
A worthy hymn for this sweet winged-tyrant
Of mortals’ hearts, this merciless despot of Mankind

Having taken the looks of HIS mother
And the shrewdness of HIS father,
HE has remained irresistible forever
And uninvited, infiltrates our souls
Paralyzing every resistance of ours
Then unopposed
He marches on,
Conquering every heart,subjugating every will,
Dominating every mind and becoming
The absolute master of our being.

No armies are able to resist HIS charms
No troops are willing to to stand against HIM

They are Readier to embrace the shadow of death
Than to live under the Sun of the living

Readier to be defeated by
Cupid’s sweet arrows
Than to be victorious

Readier to exist in shameful infamy
Than to claim eternal fame.
Easy for me is now to comprehend Homer
Who describes you, CUPID, as “Invincible in battle.”

Yes, YOU are
For no mortal, no matter how powerful,
Be he a king or a simple soldier,
Is willing to take arms against you
In the battlefield Of love.
Yet he eagerly trades his soul
For merely a probable morsel
Of happiness, a dim hope of eternal love.

Without giving out a single blow,

• • • • • • • • •

Goodnight Kiss
You kissed me, once, goodnight my love
And the sky was lit up by a billion newborn stars!

• • • • • • • • •

True love,
Like gold,
Never erodes
With the passing of Years

It shines forever instead
In our yearning for affection hearts,
The afflictions of time!

• • • • • • • • •

Hammering of hearts
Melting of Egos
Fusion of souls
Muse of Man
Divine Will:
Only your presence makes me whole!

• • • • • • • • •

You And I One
You and I,
Looked at each other,
Eyes met
Hands clasped
Lips joined, hearts beat in unison
Minds connected, souls united
The “I” disappeared,
The “YOU” vanished,
The “US” appeared,
The “WE” was born.

Inseparable, undivided,
Whole,we march forward.

Ours the joy,
Ours, the happiness
Ours, the life
Ours, the destiny
Ours, the bliss to
The end of

• • • • • • • • •

What Destiny has brought you
To the sanctuary of my dreams,
I will never know
With the first words of concern
Your spirit chanted to me

My heart leaped into a sea
Of endless joy
Although its waters were at times
Disturbed by storms and battering waves,
The depth of my love for you has always been
And will remain forever unchanged!

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