Independent Bookstore Day


With the invention of Kindle and eBooks, many would think that bookstores would be a thing of the past—but this is not the case. Many of us still delight in aimlessly wondering around a bookstore in search of that perfect book, and on Saturday, April 27, in celebration of Independent Bookstore Day, we will have the perfect excuse to do just that. Independent Bookstore Day is a nationwide event in its fifth year. In the Twin Cities area alone, 19 independent bookstores are signed up for the event with 10 of these bookstores in Minneapolis.
It will be a day filled with treats, coffee and the Passport stamp program. Make sure to pick up a Passport at any of the participating bookstores. Each participating bookstore will stamp the Passport and pass on a store coupon (redeemable at a later date). Then, at the end of the bookstore day adventure, the Passport can be entered into a drawing for prizes. And the more stamps earned, the better the coupons and prizes.
Listed below are the Minneapolis bookstores celebrating Independent Bookstore Day:

Birchbark Books
Birchbark Books (owned by Louise Erdrich — the internationally recognized author of many novels, poems, short stories and children’s books) carries books by Native authors along with a selection of other carefully selected titles, Native art and jewelry.
2115 West 21st St.

Boneshaker Books
This all-volunteer-run bookstore is home to many radical books, zines (self-published books by a variety of writers and artists), and the Women’s Prison Book Project—a program that provides books to women and transgender inmates. Additionally, they also carry mainstream titles and used books.
2002 23rd Ave. S.

Daybreak Press Global Bookshop
Located at the University of Minnesota, Daybreak Press Global Bookshop carries books from many different countries and in many different languages that have a specific focus on either social justice, faith, or women’s empowerment. The bookstore is also part of Daybreak Press—local press that publishes books by Muslim women authors.
720 Washington Ave. SE

DreamHaven Books
DreamHaven Books is among the top three oldest science fiction bookstores in the country and is the go-to place for not only science fiction but also fantasy, horror, film and media books, comics and graphic novels. They also co-host, alongside the SF Minnesota group, the monthly Speculations event, which provides an emerging or established science fiction writer an opportunity to read and discuss their work.


2301 E. 38th St.

Magers & Quinn Booksellers
Located in the heart of Uptown, Magers and Quinn is a bookstore with a large selection of both used and new fiction and non-fiction books. They also have books on almost any topic imaginable: art pop culture, African-American studies, computers, crafts, fashion, health and medicine, Minnesota, science and nature, and many more.
3038 Hennepin Ave.

Milkweed Books
Milkweed Books, located on the first floor of Open Book, stocks a large selection of books from independent and nonprofit presses, and among these books are some of the most current and award-winning short stories, poetry books and creative non-fiction books. Also on their shelves are best-sellers and classics.
1011 Washington Avenue S., Suite 107

Moon Palace Books
Moon Palace Books is an eclectic bookstore both in the variety of books they carry and in the events held at the bookstore. They have books for all ages, books by a diversity of authors, best-selling books, and a large selection of used books. And most days at the bookstore, there is some type of event, which could be either a visiting author, a book club or a music performance.
3032 Minnehaha Ave.

Once Upon A Crime
Once Upon A Crime is the Twin Cities hub for all books mystery and crime related. This spring they are also staying busy hosting numerous events featuring mystery and crime authors, with many of the authors having award-winning books and best-sellers.
604 W. 26th St.

Paperback Exchange
Paperback Exchange runs a book, DVD and audiobook trade-in program—with the trade-ins providing discounts on their wide selection of new and used best sellers, DVDs, and vintage & collectible paperbacks. They also have a hardcover rental program, providing customers the chance to rent out best-sellers in hardcover.
2227 W. 50th St.

Wild Rumpus
Wild Rumpus stocks a stunning selection of books for young readers. They have books for babies and infants, beginning readers, intermediate readers, teens, and even adults. A collection of live animals also inhabits the bookstore, which includes cats, doves, rats, a chicken, a tarantula, a cockatiel, fish and chinchillas. And at 1 p.m. on Independent Bookstore Day, a visiting veterinarian will be at the bookstore doing checkups on the animals.
2720 W. 43rd Street

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