LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bouza & the Subtle Art of Losing

Hello Ed,
Mr. Tony Bouza, The subtle art of losing, does a good job of describing the cause of government bloat. A government official who is “a wonderful man -flattering, generous, thoughtful, knowledgeable and altogether a real pleasure to be with,” who tolerates a bloated bureaucracy. An official who allows bloat and inefficiency to continue, a government official who would rather be nice and inoffensive, rather than adversarial, is expensive for the taxpayer. If Mr. Bouza admires only one chief of police he has ever met, then integrity at the top must be rare. Thank you Mr. Bouza for pointing this out. Your courage and integrity are needed to reduce government bloat. Mr. George Will says achievers with little character often rise to top positions in media and government. Mr. Bouza’s writing is the antidote for that.

Thank You Mr. Bouza!
John O’Neill

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