Letter to the Editor:Contrast between real world and the movies

The May 2019 Southside Pride carried an article by Tony Bouza in which he considers the film “Leviathan, or The Death of Stalin” as an accurate assessment of Russia, and he extends this assessment to Cuba and Venezuela and compares these countries with Scandinavia.
Chief Bouza praises Scandinavia for promoting freedom, inventiveness, competition and prosperity. He adds that “we do too.” Regrettably, the Chief is living in the fantasy world of the Silver Screen concerning the USA.
Let us review the case of Cuba. The leader of that country, when the Chief played his role of “Security for a Visiting Dignitary” in the 1960s, was Fidel Castro. Castro had ended the regime of the dictator Fulgencio Batista, a U.S. puppet, in January 1959. Batista ruled by murder and terrorism against efforts by Cubans to bring freedom, inventiveness and prosperity to Cuba.
What did Fidel Castro achieve with his overthrow of the U.S. puppet Batista? He enabled his people to receive free education all the way to advanced university degrees. As a result, the Cuban people now have Universal Health Care for All, from medical personnel trained in Cuba. We should not forget that even U.S. citizens are now receiving medical training in Cuba, FOR FREE! A number of graduates from the Latin American School of Medicine in Havana are now practicing medicine in the U.S. They could not receive such an expensive education in their own country. Does the Chief know about this little detail?
With my deep respect to this cineaste aficionado, | hope that he will avoid confusing what he may have seen, on the Silver Screen, with the actual reality in our physical world.

Enrique Gentzsch

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