The mourning of Mother Earth

The mourning of Mother Earth

Demetrios Trifiatis

You, unfeeling creatures

Who call yourselves human,

You, fleeting bubbles of reason,
Accidental parasites of time,

You, filthy microbes of cancer,
Ephemera of invincible eternity,

You, who try to fill your vanity
With abominable crimes,

You, insensible butchers of animals,

Notorious destroyers of pastures,

You, contaminators of oceans,
Deleterious polluters of rivers,

You, menacing beings of harmony,
Transgressors of universal laws,
Who deliberately have put me through
The tormenting agony of dying
Strewing your treacherous dark web of
Your unworthy ambitions, all over my face,
Shadowing my generous fertility and
Rendering me sterile,

For the time has come for you
To feel my wrath and my fury
Boiling lava over you
To flow every day,

Your tiny mortal beings
In front of the immortal cosmos,
For the shiny heavy sword of
Universal justice,
Punisher of transgressions, guardians of
The eternal laws,
Over your thoughtless heads to fall
With vengeance and rage
Decapitating the most of you and
Those who would survive
Shall feel the torturing pain in
Their hearts

Uncountable years!

– Demetrios Trifiatis

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