Southside Summit, a convening of community leaders on key issues

Expert panelists will connect with community leaders virtually to share insight, inspiration and direct action that can further key community solutions beyond trials, crises and elections.

On Nov. 9, 11 and 13, the first annual Southside Summit will bring together a slate of expert panelists and community leaders to share ways that people, resources and direct action are fueling essential community change and growth. The Southside Summit is a virtual conference organized into six interactive workshops over three days. Each workshop is focused on a key community issue.
Participants can purchase an all-access pass at to gain access to one or all workshops. In an effort to ensure access to the summit, stipends are available to those who need them.
Key Community Issues announced
• Housing Justice: The need for systems, policies and investments that support accessible, affordable and habitable housing for all is essential for healthy communities. Develop a better understanding of types of renter protections and new cooperative housing strategies that support affordability as paths to housing justice.
• Education Justice: Dive into the need for educational justice within often marginalized student groups that include kids who identify as a child of color, have a disability and (or) live in a low-income household.
• Equitable Development: There is a wide range of definitions for equitable development. In many cases, increasing access to and ownership of physical properties and businesses among communities of color is considered a goal within this broad body of work. Learn how nonprofit business incubators and associations are investing in the recovery of local entrepreneurs and advocating for public and private aid.
• Environmental Justice: The alarming need to support real solutions to climate change continues to grow in every corner of the world and across every community. As part of this conversation, the impact of various legislation, ordinances, lack of regulation, and wealth inequity continue to drive calls for environmental justice within many marginalized communities where high percentages of folks who identify as a person of color and (or) low income. Gain insight into programs and policies that can further affordable and reliable energy as solutions that can positively combat climate change.
• Livability and Safety: These days, safety is a loaded word. In light of the civil uprising brought about by the murder of George Floyd at the hands of then-Minneapolis police officers, questions are rising related to what systems and which people can best contribute to the safety of everyone. Take a deeper look at what we can do to actively address safety and livability that moves beyond the reactionary and seeks proactive solutions that help people.
• Self-Care and Wellness: Overall community health and wellness is directly connected to the health and wellness of those who live in the community as well as the types of systems and resources available in the community. Numerous organizations are needed to help promote and create access to health and wellness opportunities across the community. Develop a sense of how cultural, relational and mental health each contribute to individual and overall community wellness.
The Southside Summit is dedicated to amplifying the people, resources and actions that are helping strengthen South Minneapolis and beyond. In a season marked by divisions, political stagnation and a pandemic, this conference will help remind residents, activists, business owners and anyone who sees themselves as a leader that community health begins with us.
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Hannah Kamath,
Communications Manager
Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association (PPNA)

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