To the community:


As a golfer at Hiawatha for the last 20 years, and a native Minneapolis resident for 75 years, I have followed the plan for the future of our beloved Hiawatha Golf Course.
I have a family legacy in Minnesota of 153 years, and I have a very special interest in maintaining an 18-hole course at Hiawatha for our community. Our inner-city youth would have little opportunity to play golf, except at Hiawatha, because of cost and availability.
I also have had the pleasure of using the golf course from my youth going back to 1957 when I was 11 years old and had the opportunity to meet Joe Louis, the legendary Boxing Champion of the World, who made an appearance at Hiawatha for young people, and showed us the art of the game, along with various golf shots. What a wonderful experience for us young boys at that time.

Joe Louis won The Bronze in 1957

Hiawatha is not only a golf course, it’s an institution of history for our African American community. Maintaining the course to serve our community is very important.
I have played in a league every Tuesday at Hiawatha for the last 20 years in a group with a total membership of 52 African American men. The friendship, camaraderie and fellowship we have is an example of the community spirit Hiawatha has provided to our group, not only for playing golf but for a community of togetherness and point of pride in South Minneapolis.
Mr. Charles Rodgers is a candidate for District 5 Park Board commissioner. Charles is a strong community advocate for our parks. His leadership is needed to work with all of the community for maintaining a strong partnership with homeowners, businesses, schools and young people.
I endorse Charles, and I know his leadership will provide District 5 a future of keeping our parks strong and maintaining a point of pride and beauty for our community.

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