Be on the lookout for stolen hedgehogs, spoons

Flotsam+Fork owners Joe P Hasler and Adrianna Fie are seeking information that might lead to the recovery and safe return of a delicate shipment from Germany, which was stolen from them last week. Most notably, the pilfered package contained 12 precious wood-bristle boot cleaners shaped like hedgehogs, as well as two dozen tiny hand-carved horn spoons, and children’s cooking sets.

On the evening of Monday, Sept. 20, Flotsam+Fork received a large shipment of tools and supplies from Burstenhaus Redecker via the UPS Express. The shipment was divided into two fairly large cartons, each weighing more than 50 pounds. Unfortunately, shortly after delivery, one of the boxes was taken from the receiving area of Flotsam+Fork’s South Minneapolis headquarters.

Though Flotsam+Fork is seriously disappointed to lose so much fantastic product in one fell swoop, they hope that the crooks who nabbed their merchandise find some utility in the 48 multicolored pit towels and the five-dozen natural dish brush replacement heads they now possess. Perhaps they will easily find a ready market for 30 spools of flax twine, 20 beechwood toast tongs, and a dozen or so dense bristle floor brushes, which were separated from their dustpan partners.

On the off chance that’s not the case, Flotsam+Fork is asking friends and neighbors to be on the lookout for the lost goods, which may be dumped in an alley or left by the side of the road. We realize it’s unlikely, but we cannot just give up on our dear hedgehogs. If you or someone you know has any leads or sightings, please reach out to [email protected] or call 608-434-3249 and ask for Joe.

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