Who is really running Minneapolis? – Letter to the Editor

The Jones Day law firm is the fifth largest law firm in the United States. They mostly represent large corporations, but in the last election they represented the Trump campaign in lawsuits trying to overturn the election results.
Jones Day has virtually taken over the government of our city, working in the city attorney’s office to prosecute protesters and others, to defend the city against lawsuits by people hurt by police and to process complaints against the police in the Office of Police Conduct Review. They are negotiating the Police Federation contract for the city and ensuring that police get PTSD payouts, while inversely, the ones receiving these payouts should mostly be people injured by police brutality in the months following the uprising. They are also defending the city against the U.S. Department of Justice and Minnesota Department of Human Rights investigations. They are blatantly working to keep the city from bringing better and more accountable policing to Minneapolis.
Initially they were working for free for the city but have now secured contracts where they are being paid $500 or more an hour for work that should be done by the city attorney’s office and other city staff at far less cost.
We don’t need corporate hacks running our city and preventing us from holding the MPD accountable. They do not represent the people of our city.Please tell Mayor Frey and the City Council that Jones Day law firm has got to go.
Learn more, contact your City Council representative and sign the petition at: https://www.cuapb.org/

Janet Nye
Phillips Neighborhood

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