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Do you want your City Council member to listen to you?
The best way to get your council member’s attention is to be a DFL delegate.  They need your vote for their endorsement.  Anyone can be a DFL delegate, just sign up.
You can apply to be a ward delegate by filling out the online version of the non-attendee form at and submitting it online, or go to for instructions.
Do this before Tuesday, March 14 at 8 p.m. and you will be eligible to be a delegate to your ward endorsing convention.
Ward 12 is holding a traditional in-person caucus. If you are unable to attend the caucus on March 14 from 6:30 to 8 p.m., you can submit the form above as well and still be considered to become a delegate for the convention. The non-attendee forms will be given to the precinct chairs by 6 p.m.  Ward 12 precinct caucuses will all be held at Roosevelt High School.
Ward endorsing conventions will be held in late April and early May, most of them virtually online. The Ward 12 Convention will be held in person at Roosevelt High School on Sunday, April 29. Check back here next month or see the DFL website at for dates.
There seem to be heated contests for endorsement in Wards 6 and 12.  We asked candidates in those wards two questions:
1. Do you support the Urban Farm Project at the Roof Depot site?
2. Do you believe the city has the responsibility to remove the sand it has dumped in Lake Hiawatha and Minnehaha Creek?
We received answers from the following candidates for endorsement in Ward 12:

Luther Ranheim

Luther Ranheim: 

I support the proposal adopted by the current City Council that allocates three acres to the East Phillips Neighborhood Institute for exclusive development of an Urban Farm. This is a compromise proposal; all residents need access to city services. We can have both of these uses.
I believe that the city has a responsibility to remove accumulated sand from Lake Hiawatha and Minnehaha Creek. The lake and the creek should both be made deep enough to allow for storm water drainage, without runoff flowing into our neighborhoods.

Jerome T Evans

Jerome T Evans: 

On the depot, I would like a promise from the city that no resident’s health will be adversely impacted by the approved demolition. Without that promise I am not in favor.
From my read of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances the city does not have a responsibility to dredge the lake. That said, if enough people would benefit then I’d certainly be in favor of the city or some other entity dredging the lake as a one-time service.

Nancy Ford: 

Nancy Ford

Yes. I’d love to see this project realized. This project has been bouncing around for almost 10 years and it would be great to see it reach fruition. It has the potential to be a great neighborhood achievement. What do they need to help make the project move forward?
The street sand that enters at the north end needs mitigation. Permits need to be pulled and funding needs to be secured before dredging commences. Our storm drain system needs to be upgraded to divert future sand and sediment from entering the lake.

Aurin Chowdhury:

As the Senior Policy Aide to the Ward 9 council office, I have been working with the community of East Phillips for the last year to help find a plan that supports the community’s vision. I will

Aurin Chowdhury

follow the lead of Ward 9 residents and support a community plan prevailing.
The city should always take responsibility if they have caused an issue. As a council member, I will work with the park board, state government, and other jurisdictions to resolve environmental issues. I am here to learn more, and I look forward to talking to residents about concerns like these on the campaign trail.

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