Soup for You! Café 

Chef Judah Nataf in the Soup for You! Cafe kitchen


Soup for You! Café, a beloved community donation-based eatery renowned for its hearty soups and welcoming atmosphere, is thrilled to announce its new relocation. After several years of serving free delicious meals at Bethany Lutheran Church, Soup for You! Café has moved to a new home at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.
Founded by Chef Judah Nataf, a resilient individual with a remarkable story, Soup for You! Café has been a beacon of hope and nourishment in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis. Born in the ghetto of Tunis and orphaned at an early age, Chef Judah’s journey from childhood hunger to becoming a skilled chef and community leader is both inspiring and humbling.
Chef Judah’s vision of opening a free soup café in the Seward neighborhood became a reality in 2015 when Soup for You! opened its doors in the basement of Bethany Lutheran Church. Over the years, the café has undergone positive transformations, including the formation of its house band “The Grateful Fed” and the introduction of initiatives like The People’s Cooler to provide produce to guests, a clothes distribution area, and regular grocery distributions.
Despite unforeseen challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the aftermath of the George Floyd tragedy, Soup for You! Café has remained resilient, adapting its operations to continue serving the community in times of need. When Bethany Lutheran Church ceased operations in 2022, Soup for You! Café transitioned into its own entity and received 501(c)(3) nonprofit certification.
Soup for You! Café left Bethany on Tuesday, May 14, and is now welcoming patrons to its new home at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church at 2730 E 31st St.
“We are honored to be welcomed into the space of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church,” said Chef Judah. “Their commitment to caring for the community and promoting environmental and food justice resonates deeply with our values at Soup for You! Café. We look forward to continuing our mission of nourishing the community in this new setting.”
Soup for You! Café operates on a donation basis and offers free meals to all who visit, ensuring that everyone in the community has access to nourishing food regardless of their financial means. They are open from noon to 1 p.m., Mondays through Friday. There are signs at the main entrance (on the east side of the church), and there are volunteers at the door to bring guests downstairs for lunch.

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