Ilhan Omar vs Don Samuels primary election August 13

Ilhan Omar


It’s a rematch from two years ago when Samuels came within two points of beating Omar. This year, Samuels says he wants to “end the divisive politics that has been so successful in dividing neighbors and even family members against one another.”
He was the subject of an extended interview on an obscure cable news station, News Nation Now, by Don Abrams. Abrams complained about Ilhan Omar’s “almost daily extremist takes on the Israeli response to the Hamas attacks.” Abrams showed clips of Omar asking, “How many deaths will it take?” and “Where is your humanity?” in reference to the tens of thousands of Palestinians slaughtered—Noam Chomsky’s word—since October 7.
Samuels complained that Ilhan Omar has made “insensitive statements about Israel and the Jewish people.” He says, “She has a special nose for anything Israeli,” and, “Omar’s comments on Israel are the last straw.”

Don Samuels

The choice could not be clearer.
Don Samuels supports Israel.
Ilhan Omar supports Palestine.
The war in Gaza has come to Minneapolis.
Pick a side.
Don Samuels is an apologist for the genocide Israel is committing in Gaza.
Ilhan Omar wants the genocide to stop, and she believes in the right of the Palestinian people to live in peace.
Please vote in the Primary Election Tuesday, August 13. In Minnesota you can vote early with an absentee ballot starting 46 days before Election Day. You can vote by mail or in person June 28 through August 12.
Call 651-215-1449 for more information.

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