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SNG reduces rates for loans to 2.5%

FROM THE SEWARD NEIGHBORHOOD GROUP The Seward Neighborhood Group (SNG) has allocated NRP Phase II funding for home improvements within the Seward neighborhood. Eligible applicants include owner occupants and rental property owners of 1-4 unit buildings: 2.50% fixed interest rate. $12,000 maximum. Flexible terms up to 10 years. Eligible improvements…

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Memorial Day

BY CHANTE WOLF I agonize over Memorial Day. I despise the fly-overs, 21-gun salutes, barbecues and blowout sales that make it all seem so cheap and so easy to forget until next year. I want to throw up, sob, run away and hide. Then comes the anger over our never-ending…

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Letter to the Editor “Include community participation in the city utility partnership”

Right now is a prime window of opportunity for energy sector labor unions, clean energy experts, advocates for low-income residents, business owners, building owners, environmental justice advocates and other energy stakeholders to be asking City Hall to include community input into the anticipated city utility partnership. The City of Minneapolis…

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Extending the sun

BY ELAINE KLAASSEN Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church is the first community of faith in Minnesota to host a solar garden (a solar array) that feeds directly into the Xcel Energy electric grid. Bethel’s pastor, Brenda Froisland, says about the project, “When we say we nourish God’s creation, we really mean…

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Speak up! I can’t hear you.

BY ED FELIEN This Fourth of July at Powderhorn everyone will have an opportunity to speak up and be heard. Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association and Southside Pride are co-sponsoring a speaker’s platform on the Tea House on the Lake. Before the age of Twitter and email, before radio and television,…

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Patriotism and other mistakes

BY TONY BOUZA I am not an economist, but, then, I don’t think anyone else is either. Just a lot of blindfolded gals pinning the tail on a donkey. But I am, though, an economic animal. Fiercely. I found the cruel competitiveness of capitalism very attractive to my nature. Maybe…

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The hapless versus the horrific

BY ED FELIEN The state conventions are over. The parties have picked their candidates. The battle has begun, though we haven’t heard much sound and fury yet. The DFL, predictably, picked Mark Dayton as their candidate for governor and Al Franken as their candidate for senator. The incumbents were nominated…

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Organics Recycling Program-Update

BY THE HALE-PAGE-DIAMOND LAKE COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION The Pearl Park Drop-Site Organics Recycling Program has been up and running for almost a month and it is going great! We have had amazing participation and interest. Thank you to all of you who have participated; and to those that have been volunteering…

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Racism, redlining and reparations

BY ED FELIEN The wheels of justice grind slowly but exceedingly fine. Sometimes it takes an earthquake to shake up City Hall. In this case it was Myron Orfield’s report on housing discrimination in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, which documented that the area lost $20.5 billion as a result…

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