Development at Lake and Hiawatha


The Corcoran Neighborhood Organization’s Land Use and Housing held a meeting on April 3 to discuss the future of the building at Lake and 22nd and the farmers’ market at that location. Despite a snowstorm they had a full house and an attentive audience.
L&H Station Development hopes to purchase the land, which is currently owned by Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS). L&H developer Jack Boarman showed a possible rendering of the new layout, which would incorporate new retail, multiple mixed-use housing properties, the new site for the Midtown Farmers’ Market and the location of the new Hennepin County Family Services Center. Boarman also detailed the plans to make sure that the development is sustainable, including the use of green roofs, geothermal heating, and permeable surfaces for storm water wherever possible.
The new permanent location for the market on the east side of the property is a little farther back from Lake Street than it is now. Miguel Goebel, the manager of the market, voiced his concern that this would create reduced visibility and attract fewer customers.
Cadillac Kolstad commented on the Twin City Daily Planet blog: “The plan does not incorporate the former Brown Institute, a giant building already there. It is planned to be demolished. This building is used by 20 organizations including Minneapolis Public schools. Demolition and redevelopment solves a non-problem. All the organizations there make sense on a transit corridor.
“Why are we discussing demolishing an employment center that is serving more than 1,000 individuals daily? How is this good public investment or sound land use or urban planning? I certainly hope that any plans include an analysis of reuse. There is ample space to add more structures and keep the farmers’ market, while incorporating this building. It would easily lend itself to adaptive reuse.
“The environmental impact of wrecking such a building will be significant. At a little over 50,000 square feet, demolition will release the equivalent emission of more than 640,000 gallons of gasoline. All that embodied energy will be wasted. What’s more, demolition uses more energy. And the more than 4,000 tons of debris will fill 26 railroad boxcars or more.”
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Gil Peñalosa is an internationally known placemaking expert who is passionate about designing cities for all people. Gil advises decision makers and communities around the world on how to create vibrant cities and healthy communities for everyone regardless of social, economic or ethnic background.
He will lead a walking workshop around the station area and help neighbors to spark ideas about how to make Lake Street in this area better for people.
WHEN: Tuesday, May 6, 6:30- 8:30 p.m.
WHERE: LRT Station south entrance, then walking around the station area on Lake Street, rain or shine
PLEASE SIGN UP: Contact Lisa by phone at 651-602-1895. Please leave your name, address and language preference. Due to space limitations, preference will be given to residents of Corcoran, Longfellow and Phillips neighborhoods.



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