Letter to the Editor “Hennepin County judicial seats 43 and 61 need to be filled”

letter to the editorThanks for this thoughtful discussion of the importance of the primary elections [Southside Pride July Riverside edition]. I would just add one thing: There are also two judicial seats on the primary ballot in Hennepin County. I am Brian Hagerty, and I am one of seven candidates running for seat 43 (being vacated by Janet Poston); there are five candidates running for seat 61 (being vacated by Robert Small).

Southside Pride readers might be particularly interested in the fact that I was endorsed by Representative Susan Allen. I have also been endorsed by Senator Ann Rest and many others.

I encourage folks to research me at http://www.hagertyforjudge.com, as well as the other candidates at http://www.hagertyforjudge.com/the-other-candidates/.

I also encourage everyone to vote in the primary on Aug. 12. Thanks!

Brian Hagerty

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