Kim Carrier highlights and moonlights

size_550x415_IMG_0843Kim Carrier of Hairesy Salon, 3749 Bloomington Ave., has a part-time hobby and a full-time devotion.  She has founded The Pet Project to supply dog food to food shelves so that hungry people won’t have to choose between feeding themselves and feeding their dogs.  It is estimated that it costs between $400 and $700 a year to feed and take care of a dog.  Kim helps by raising money.  Kim says, “The Pet Project was born out of the economic collapse of 2008. Many people who had been outstanding pet owners suffered job losses, lay offs and demotions and could no longer adequately care for their family members. I kept thinking that somebody should do something about that. Then I decided that I was somebody and got to work. Those efforts have culminated in some outstanding partnerships with animal rescue partners, those working in the veterinary field, food shelf clients, volunteers, local businesses and countless others. It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.” She’s seen below with her two buddies getting ready for the Fast and Furry 8K and 5K-9 Run earlier this year to raise money for The Pet Project.

For more information contact:
The Pet Project
P.O. Box 6857
Mpls., MN 55406
[email protected]

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