Crime Report

crimereportThe area south of Lake Street down to 38th Street, between Hiawatha and 35W, was hit with a string of armed robberies in August.  Generally the robbers operated in groups of two or three or even four.  They varied in age, ethnicity and gender.  They showed either a knife or a gun.  Four suspects were arrested—three men and one woman, and they ranged in age from 18 to 51.
Violent crime in the area is up by 13%, the sharpest rise of any area in the city this year.  Police Chief Janeé Harteau had four extra police officers work overtime shifts in Powderhorn through Labor Day as part of a $300,000 plan to fight a summer crime wave.
There has been a rash of burglaries this summer, mostly garage break-ins and thefts of high-end bikes. Records show that 721 burglaries have been reported to police so far this year in South Minneapolis, a 16% increase over this time last year.
In June, police discovered 44 bikes in the basement, living room and attic of a house on Bloomington Avenue. A man who lived there had been selling the stolen bikes on Craigslist, police said.
Most Minnesotans use a bike for serious travel.  They don’t slowly parade through a neighborhood.  If you see someone riding a bike casually, checking out the scene, they could be casing out a possible theft.  Report all suspicious activity to 911.
Many times the burglaries occurred in unlocked or open garages.  Police recommend locking your garage and installing motion lights.  If your garage is opened with a garage door opener, then you probably don’t use the service door.  In that case, it’s probably best to install brackets on the inside and bar the door with a two by four.
Robberies most often occur when a victim is distracted.  Don’t wear ear buds when walking at night or the early morning.  Be aware of your surroundings.  And if you’re facing down a knife or a gun, give them your money.  Your life is a lot more precious.

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