Powderhorn Birdwatch: Dark and gloomy February illuminated by early Robins

Northern FlickerBY JOHN KARRIGAN

I received another raccoon report and this time the raccoon (or raccoons)had been seen in the park.  That reporter also had a good backyard Northern Flicker report. Since then I might have located a Flicker nest in the park, plus a Flicker has been in our back yard.
Back to the Park.  At sunrise, early in the month, I saw a handful of Crows. Since then I have seen very few Crows in the park or neighborhood, or anywhere for that matter.  But I am sure that thousands of Crows are still somewhere in the area.
Many of my fewer-than-usual park walks in February have been with zero birds.
Away from the neighborhood, I haven’t seen much either.  I just saw a hawk, probably a Red-tail, on a St. Paul freeway light, and on several occasions I have seen groups of Canada Geese (from three to about 50) over the city, but not over Powderhorn (Park or Neighborhood).
March will hopefully provide some decent weather and lots of birds, mammals, etc.
Another short column, as last month’s was.  I was going to write about the new Academy Award winning movie, “Birdman, or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance,” but it turned out the movies were not about me, which could be a good thing or a bad thing.

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