No more poor, no more

Photo by Walker EvensBY ED FELIEN

Why are we poor? No money, no hopes? Despair today? And no tomorrow?
Despair robs us of our dreams and forces our minds to find cunning ways to survive.
No more.
No more poor, no more.
We need to change our attitude. We need to strut upon this earth, like we own it.
Together we do own it. We built it and now we have to learn to share it.
The world of fear and loathing is done. We put an end to that. And now is our beginning.
No more poor, no more.
There’s enough for everyone to share. We all made this. We all played our parts. It’s our world. It belongs to all of us.
Get a free cell phone. It’s not charity.  It’s yours. You worked for it. You earned it. The government is making SafeLink give them away. Call 1-800-378-1684. Find out where and get one.
If you don’t have a lot of money you can still go to college and learn how to make things.
Call up a college or university and ask them about financial aid. Colleges and universities
don’t have to pay local property taxes. We Locals do that. We built the roads and bridges for them. We pay the fire and police. They owe it to us to help our kids get through college. There will be free college education for our children because we’re going to fight for that.
If you work in South Minneapolis you need to make $10 an hour just to survive. Every government agency, every government contractor and subcontractor for the City, the County, The State and the Fed, and every national chain and franchise is bound by the Gospel of love.
If you know of a place, in the government, or big corporations, that is paying their workers less than 10 dollars an hour we want to know about it. Write to us.
[email protected].
And we love Moses and Jesus and Mohammed. They all preached love. They all said,
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And they were all warriors.
Moses let down Seven Plagues. He spread the blood of the lamb on the door and slayed the first born of the Egyptians. Jesus was part of the Maccabee Fight against Roman Imperialism. He led demonstrations to occupy The Temple. But the Roman authorities came and arrested him. But the Resistance to Rome grew stronger. The Christian Community was the faith of those who believed in Resistance to Rome right up until the Roman Emperor established the Roman Catholic Church in 325.
Mohammed wanted friendship and respect between all people. And he fought for that respect.
They all preached love. But they all backed up that love with action when they had to.
Ours should be a fierce love, too. We love our brothers and sisters, all of our brothers and sisters everywhere, but if we find out that someone in one of the private or public big businesses is abusing our brothers and sisters by paying them less than 10 dollars an hour, then we will work to convert that brother with a first class public education about how everybody has got to respect everybody.
No more poor, no more.

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