Nokomis Nerds win Trivia Night at Roosevelt Library


The Nokomis Nerds took home the win on Thursday, May 28, at the second Roosevelt Library Trivia Night.  Players could work in teams of up to four people and were encouraged to choose a creative name for their team. With their team name chosen, team members Tom Sullivan and Brian Rosaaen demonstrated their knowledge of a wide variety of pop culture topics including books, music, movies and more.  With categories like “True Colors,” “Where in the World?” and “More than Just Mouse Ears,” there is something for everyone.  Questions were created by Roosevelt Library staff with suggestions from previous attendees for categories.  Other attendees cited the 6:30 p.m. start time and non-bar atmosphere for “Pub” trivia as reasons the library’s Trivia Night appealed to them.  Roosevelt staff used iPads and the Trivally app by Crowd Game to facilitate the event.  Roosevelt Library is one of the Hennepin County libraries that provides iPads for patron check-out and use while at the library.  Having these iPads available made it possible for staff to explore options for trivia game play.  Trivally allows staff to present the questions on the big screen while players respond in a web browser on the library iPads or their own smartphones and tablets.  While the technology may sound a bit challenging, it is super simple for the players.  All they have to do is tap the right answer on the screen in front of them.  Join in on the fun at the next Roosevelt Library Trivia Night on Thursday, July 23, at 6:30 p.m.

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