A challenge to the legend of Lee Harvey Oswald

letter to the editorAlong with the usual SSP informational and inspirational coverage, including your political rants, I was surprised by a Bay of Pigs story— not by its placement in a community paper but by your repeating the famous but fatuous Lee Harvey Oswald legend. It matters because the deep state that carried out the JFK assassination and other ones is still operating today—and outspoken publications such as yours are among the few where partial exposure is possible.
A few reminders: Oswald was in no position to put into play all the elements later found to be part of the JFK killing, including groundwork for the same act later revealed to have been contemplated for earlier dates in Chicago and New Orleans. It likely was easy to get his print on a rifle that when later tested by experts could not be fired as rapidly as the assassination team had. Oswald’s identity was a creation of the deep state that sent him to the Soviet Union, helped him return here, and then to pose as a left-winger. The New Orleans Fair Play for Cuba Committee had exactly one member, Oswald, and in the same building as its office but with a different street address was Oswald’s FBI controller Bannister. It all derived from the Bay of Pigs and from JFK’s refusal to fully back the CIA plan for invasion—CIA director Dulles later dominated the whitewash Warren Commission.
Please refer to an interview at Salon.com of 10/15/2015 with author David Talbot and his new book, “The Devil’s Chessboard,” which discusses why it was the Dulles brothers and the CIA assassination team behind what was a coup. The title provides my summary: “Every president has been manipulated by national security officials.”

Thanks for your efforts,
Dave Gutknecht

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