LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Protection of free thought is essential to our freedom

Friends, I believe we are a nation in crisis and although it may not look like it from where you sit, we will all pay a steep price if we continue to ignore the signs and remain silent. The sky may not be falling, but with Trump in the White House the skies are getting darker and darker by the day as our civil liberties and democratic institutions come under attack. Just to be clear, the attacks on our civil liberties are just as pernicious coming from our universities, where faculty and students alike have abandoned the pursuit of critical thinking and do not allow the free exchange of ideas and opinions that may offend their sensibilities and cause them emotional distress. Safe spaces to protect you from ideas that may offend you have no place in our institutions of “higher learning.”
Faith in the West has collapsed and, amazingly, people have been slow to rise to defend it.

Leon Cooper

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