POWDERHORN BIRDWATCH: Living organisms continue peculiar habits

POWDERHORN BIRDWATCH: Living organisms continue peculiar habitsBY JOHN KARRIGAN

Like most of the year so far, things seem odder than other years. June 28, after the July writing was done, was an interesting day. There were at least five, and I am quite sure, probably eight Great Blue Herons, the usual 20 Canada Geese, many Wood Ducks and Mallard Ducks, and the occasional but unusual Osprey over the lake, soaring in its usual counter-clockwise style. That is the only time I have seen the Osprey lately.

One Cedar Waxwing was visiting the park on July 10. Some years there are early Waxwings in the park. Usually I find them at the State Fair Park in early summer when I am at my usual, strange early visit to the State Fairgrounds.

There have been various days with one or two Green Herons, Black-crowned Night Herons, Great Blue Herons and Cormorants. The Great Egret seems to have left the area.

Someone who visits the park is trying to get help from the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (WRC) for the two Canada Geese that need attention: one with a bad wing, one with two bad wings. The WRC does not get involved in capturing the injured, sick and orphaned animals but rather rely on concerned citizens to bring them to their location in Roseville to be admitted. These Geese may or may not be able to be helped.

I found and visited with a nice toad in the park on one nice damp night, and on two other days, visited a salamander and two mice that park staff brings to the park on occasion for small children or strange adults to visit.

I did not see many bats in the park in July but we did see some last night on National Night Out. We are fairly sure that no children were taken by the bats. Once again, we did have the best National Night Out in the city: fire dancing by Fire Mama and some of her well-taught friends and trainees. Thank you to all of them!!

And that brings us back to the neighborhood yards.

We have had a baby Downy Woodpecker coming to the backyard since July 11. One of the Catbirds I mentioned last month was 6 inches from me at my secret backyard window. The catbirds have babies on the block, but I have not seen the babies yet. And Monarch and Cabbage butterflies are doing well in the park and neighborhood yards.

Comments and observations are always welcome. Send them to me, in care of Southside Pride. Thank you.

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