Congratulations to Jacob Frey on winning the mayor’s race. He ran a marathon and made it look like a sprint. He’s charming and he has infectious energy. He promises to be the most accessible mayor, ever. He even published his cell phone number on campaign posters: 612-968-4443.

Southside Pride and South Minneapolis preferred Ray Dehn or Nekima Levy-Pounds, but Southwest Minneapolis and Lake of the Isles preferred Frey, and they vote in greater numbers.

His greatest challenge as mayor will be to restore public confidence in the Minneapolis Police Department. The police killings of Terrance Franklin, Jamar Clark and Justine Damond point to a Police Department out of control. It will be Frey’s job to hold the MPD accountable to the Bill of Rights for all citizens. Were Franklin’s, Clark’s or Damond’s civil rights violated? Did the officers involved follow proper rules of procedure? Were officers disciplined?

Lt. Bob Kroll (the head of the Minneapolis Police Federation) is already trying to figure out how he can game this boy wonder. He gave Frey a generous campaign contribution that Frey accepted, and, then, after a loud public outcry, returned. Police officers have an absolute right to organize to protect their interests as workers. And Frey has a clear responsibility to represent our interests as citizens of Minneapolis and to protect the Bill of Rights.

Congratulations to Jeremy Schroeder for a dramatic win in the 11th Ward.  This is the first time an 11th Ward incumbent has been defeated for re-election in more than 60 years. It is no secret that Southside Pride never forgot the painful sting of contempt that John Quincy expressed for people in Minneapolis who felt they had a right according to the Minneapolis Charter to vote on whether or not to spend a billion dollars of our tax money to build a Vikings stadium.

It was no surprise that Andrew Johnson was enthusiastically re-elected. He’s progressive, responsive and careful.

Congratulations to Steffanie Musich on being convincingly re-elected to the Park Board. We disagree fundamentally on the future of Hiawatha Golf Course. She spent the last year holding public meetings in her district telling the community that flooding was an act of nature; we should embrace it; abandon the golf course; build a nice restaurant; and have nature walks.  When the Park Board extended the timethey will flood the course from three to five years, she said, “The perpetuation of an 18-hole golf course here in perpetuity is impossible.”  Southside Pride maintains there is a 5-foot dam at the 27th Avenue outlet holding back 5 feet of water that has caused the water table to rise and the area to flood. We most respectfully invite Commissioner Musich to write to us at Southside Pride and explain her understanding of the role the dam plays in the increased water levels and neighborhood water table since 1964.

We were very gratified to see the election of Meg Forney as one of the three at-large park commissioners. She supports the continuation of golf at Hiawatha and removal of the dam.

Congratulations to Latrisha Vetaw and Londel French, the other two at-large commissioners. They seem sincerely motivated to protect the legacy of the Number One Park System in America.

And, finally, in the words of Dave Garland, election judge in Ward 8, Precinct 5:  “Congrats to the people of Mpls for a great turnout!”

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