Go-To cards?

We asked candidates for county commissioner in District 4:

Would you answer the following question in 50 words or less? Your answer will be published in all three editions of Southside Pride in May.

Understanding that transportation costs are a major burden for the poor; and, further, understanding that Hennepin County will pay off the bonds on the baseball stadium a decade early; would you support giving Go-To cards to all people receiving public assistance so they could use public transit?

Angela M. Conley: I would fully support Go-To cards for people receiving public assistance. We have an opportunity to prioritize our revenues to focus on equity. Equity in mobility is critical as our transit systems continue to expand. Having lived the experiences of many in our communities who could not maintain self-sufficiency without public transportation, I support equity and accessibility in transit.

Peter McLaughlin: I support state funding of both Metro Mobility and passes for people on public assistance. State’s been stiffing Metro Transit for years. This would fund a state- and federally-mandated transit service and expand supportive benefits for people on assistance. Can’t use ballpark funds under state law. Only other uses are library-hour expansion and youth recreation facilities, which county funds for over $4 million per year (ultimately >$140m).

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