Global friendships lead to peace


It was the first and only time I have had caviar: a long long time ago when I was in Moscow with my husband who was attending a joint meeting of American and Russian judges. The occasion was a cocktail party hosted by the Russian judges. It was held in the first-class hotel where we were staying. I have nothing but fond memories of being there—escalators were the longest and steepest I have ever seen. One judge and his wife went sightseeing and didn’t return until long after midnight and reported that they felt safer than they had in New York City. Sales people and cab drivers were very interested in our being there, and all our casual contacts were exceedingly friendly.

I wonder if anything similar is happening today. If not, why not? And why should there not be many such events? Of course, the political climate is different. But it could happen. There could be meetings of physicians, teachers, lawyers, labor representatives, members of Congress, chefs, etc. There could be conferences with speakers from many countries. Peace doesn’t just occur out of the blue. The developing relationship between North and South Korea shows that it can happen.

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