MMIW 2020: Missing & Murdered Indigenous Peoples March

February 14, 2020 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Minneapolis American Indian Center
1530 East Franklin Ave. Minneapolis, MN

The Song we sing on the Walk has multiple names: The MMIW Song, the Indigenous Women’s Warrior Song, and others. To honor our Herstory, we share the origins, as we know it.
We came to learn the song through Karlee Fellner (Cree/Metis) from Devon, Alberta. She came to know this song through Young Leon (Cree & Anishinaabe) and Dorothy Christian (Secwepmec). They taught her that the song came through ceremony to the women of the St’at’imc (pronounced “stat-leum”) Nation in 1990 during the Oka crisis, when the Mohawk people were defending their territories against the Canadian military.
WEAR RED! Bring Banners, Posters, Staffs, Drums, Rattles
Students from Anishinaabe Academy, Sanford Middle School, Northeast, Harding, South High, and Bdote Learning Center will lead us on the Walk! Please make room for them at the FRONT!
Inclement Weather: Snow is expected. Dress warm.
We will walk for our Relatives no matter what!

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