Bernie for all of us

Why didn’t the anti-racist movies get any attention at the Oscars and other awards? “Harriet” was certainly one of the best if not the best movie of the year. “Queen and Slim” is so timely and well done, and “Just Mercy” Is just being ignored. It seems that, like the U.S. Senate, the critics are not interested in any more evidence.
The President gives a medal to Rush Limbaugh, ejects the grieving father of a Parkland victim, fires people who respond to a congressional subpoena, and for good measure, their brother too, why not? Children are still in cages and dying in custody; Truth is scarcely an important political value anymore as we gear up for the most dishonest misinformation-filled campaign this world has ever seen. Trump is poised to spend over $1 billion on social media.
I believe we need the politics of love. The politics of inclusion, hope, welcoming, honesty, truth and integrity. Not only do I think that Bernie can win, not only do I believe that he has the best chance to win, I feel in my gut of guts, the bottom of my heart, that a victory won with young, old, white, Latino, black, red, brown and welcoming human beings who care about our planet, each other, and all living beings is what we need right now. It is the campaign that I can’t stay away from—that campaign I give my future to—because without it, what future do we have anyway?
This ad made me cry. Check it out:

—David Tilsen

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