Emails from Lily Lamb, June 16

**Good Morning Neighbors-

Lily Lamb

As many of you have heard, we will be gathering as a community tonight at 6 p.m. demanding response and action from our city, county and state officials.
Below is the link to the google sheet where you can see a suggested list of contacts. Additionally, on the second tab you can find a suggested statement and a few talking points. Please let me know if there are additional items you’d like added to that page.
Additionally, a few neighbors have set up a Facebook group and event page to come for tonight’s meeting. (If anyone wants to be added as a group or event owner let me know.)
This is the email I sent to a few folks already this morning. Feel free to edit/change/make it your own and I’m only sending this to a few folks with emails I could grab quickly. I’ll also be posting it on the discord-but please share this with your neighbors! The only way to make our voice heard is to speak loudly together.


The Powderhorn Park residents demand to know our elected officials’ response to the current emergency humanitarian situation in Powderhorn Park and seek a solution immediately with dignified, culturally informed permanent housing by Friday, June 19. We, the community, stand in support and solidarity with our new residents at the Powderhorn Sanctuaries and collectively call for change with and for them. Housing is a human right, and in our community, homes should be for all. We call on all our elected officials to respond to this urgent situation by attending our community gathering tonight at 6 p.m. on the south side of Powderhorn Park in the picnic area.
It has been five days since our new neighbors have joined us, and in that time, private citizens have been coordinating to the best of their ability a response to this emergency situation.
Please let me know who I can expect to see from your office this evening.

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