Important to see strengths of unsheltered people

I am responding to the article “The Dream Deferred” that was published in the July Riverside edition of Southside Pride. I oppose the negative rhetoric used to describe the lives of people who are unsheltered. The description of homeless people given was only half of the story. The untold story has the potential to reshape how we approach the crisis of homelessness and the methods used to counter it. It is vital to highlight both assets and barriers that people face, but this article was heavily focused on the barriers. I have met some of the homeless people living in tent cities around Minneapolis. Some of them are parents while others are caregivers. Some are artists, musicians and philosophers. They have shown resilience in surviving situations where many others would have crumbled. In times when negativity and judgment is rampant, we must focus on each other’s strengths and be willing to tell the whole story. This full narrative will help us imagine what beautiful potentials are possible in this world so that we can have the hope and tools needed to build a more just and equitable society.

Glory Pierre, Minneapolis

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